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10+ Of The Worst Fashion Trends In History

When the latest fashion trends include ugly dad sneakers and janties, it's easy for most of us to say that today's generation has the worst taste in style.

What people often seem to forget is that bad taste in fashion has always been a thing and we've all been guilty of wearing something we later regretted at least once.

Below, check out some of the worst fashion trends of all time.

Tiny sunglasses

This trend first emerged in the late 90s and early aughts but recently, the tiny sunglasses trend has been making a comeback.

Honestly, though, these should have stayed back in The Matrix where they belonged because unless you were in that film or you're Bella Hadid, these will not look good on you.

T-shirts over long-sleeved shirts

Why did we ever think this was cute? Like, ever?

Word to the wise, unless you're 5 years old, you have no business being this poorly dressed and if you ever start to feel chilly, put a sweater on OVER your t-shirt.

Men's jumpsuits

While I'm all for men embracing unconventional styles, the jumpsuits that were once popular in the 70s just didn't look good on most dudes.

You either had enough star power to pull it off or you didn't. A LOT of men didn't.

Sweater vests

Let's be frank here, the sweater vest served no real purpose besides being ugly. How can one item of clothing be so garbage?

When you think about it, the sweater vest was basically the "classy" equivalent to wearing a t-shirt on-top of a long-sleeved shirt.

Hip-hugger jeans

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Even though this trend seems like it might be making a comeback, history has proven that low-rise jeans are never a good idea.

From the inevitable plumber's crack whenever you bend down, to the fact that you needed a perfectly flat stomach to wear them without a noticeable muffin top, reminds us that low-rise jeans were and are a mistake.

Leg warmers

The 80s brought us many questionable fashion trends but leg warmers may have been the most mind-boggling of them all.

Why we ever felt like we needed colorful calf cozies is beyond me.


Corsets have never technically been completely out of style. In fact, just recently Kim Kardashian was seen wearing one beneath her ridiculously skin-tight dress at the Met gala.

The reason why this trend is still considered terrible, however, is because of how damaging they can be. Corsets of yesteryear caused internal organ damage and even broken ribs. Even Kim complained about the intensity of her own corset pain.

MC Hammer pants

Another 80s trend that we'd all like to forget is the infamous hammer pants.

They're the fashion equivalent to wearing a saggy diaper but back in the days, we thought these were so cool.

Velour tracksuits

If you grew up during the early 2000s then you most likely owned, or knew someone who owned a velour tracksuit.

They came in all colors and styles but the most popular one was hot pink and had the word "juicy" on the bum.

Thank goodness we eventually learned to leave this number at home.

Trucker hats

Going hand in hand with velour tracksuits was the trucker hat trend.

Everyone from Paris Hilton to Ashton Kutcher made it so hot to wear these ugly hats and we're beyond thankful that this trend has left and never returned.

Kitten heels

Debate all you want, I remain firm in the fact that kitten heels are a complete waste of a shoe.

Are they a heel? Are they a flat? Pick one!

Blossom hats

While they may have seemed like a cute and kitschy trend to wear back in the 90s, the time has proven that they looked a lot cornier than we realized.

The show was cool though!

Popcorn shirts

Speaking of corn, do you remember these popcorn shirts from the 90s?

We'll admit that the concept of these tops was pretty cool interesting but in the end, the texture and the fit made this style one of the worst trends in fashion history.


I think we can all agree that these should have never been invented, no?

Sneaker heels

Everything about this trend was wrong. Just wrong.

But A for effort, I guess?


We tried it, it worked at the time, but looking back, it wasn't one of our better moments.

Especially considering they stuck around for a really long time.


Unsplash | Christopher Sticha

Listen, I know it was trendy once, and for a lot of people it still is, but it shouldn't be.

You don't need to be wearing fur to be trendy!

Shutter shades

What exactly are these protecting you from?

Nothing. They're protecting you from nothing. Just buy real sunglasses because you'll look cooler.


The big busty shoe goes in and out of style, and currently, it's back with sports shoes.

But in the '90s, they had a bunch of weird designs. It was just never cool.

Jelly sandals

....what were we thinking when we made this a trend?

I am so thankful I never took part in it. And I am so sorry for those of you that did.

Popped collars

Listen, if you're an action hero, or wearing a leather jacket, or Keanu Reeves, that's one thing.

Beyond that, it's a big no-no.

Bike shorts

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Obviously, if you're on a bike, that's one thing.

But you really shouldn't go around wearing them like it's fashion-forward. It's really not.

Sagging pants

Unfortunately, yes, this was a trend, and it was awful.

Pick up your pants everyone. No one wants to see your underwear.

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