Everything We Know About The Already Iconic 'Top Gun: Maverick'

Oh wow! It looks like we're getting a thrilling sequel the laserdisc classic, Ton Gun!

Man, this Comic-Con has been full of lots of... well, thrilling surprises, hasn't it?

So SDCC has happened.

And while we have a lot to discuss, this is one of the most pressing matters.

No, not 'IT 2', however, I'll get to that later as well.

Right now we're going to talk about 'Top Gun: Maverick'.


Which, judging by the trailer that just dropped at the aforementioned San Diego Comic-Con looks, in technical terms, pretty gosh darn sweet.

I mean...


Once you get through this article learning about everything you need to know about the movie you can watch the trailer for yourself.

However, I think I can describe it pretty accurately with my writing prowess.



We don't even need any dialogue, all the plane sounds and the dramatic music was more than enough to get us excited.


If you were somehow unaffected by my brilliant choice of what I hesitate to call "words", we know a bunch of stuff about the new movie that we're going to pass on to you.

1. It Stars Tom Cruise


Well, this seems pretty obvious, considering the movie is called Top Gun: Maverick.

It seems that he will be playing the same hotshot young pilot as the first movie...

This time, he'll be mentoring a whole new generation of pilots.


A kind of passing of the torch, if you will.

Gee, where have I seen that before... except every single reboot made in the last ten years.

2. The Flight Footage


It's going to freaking rule.

If the trailer is any indication then we're going to see a whole lot of flight stunts that are going to make our collective jaws drop.

Jon Hamm...


Who seemingly plays a battle-hardened Naval officer (based on the trailer) told Collider that the footage was... well, I'll let him speak for himself:

"And it’s mostly practical. There’s not a lot of CG," Hamm said. "Those guys are really up in planes and getting thrown around in multiple Gs."

3. The End Is Inevitable.


That's one of the lines from the trailer, delivered to Tom Cruise from the mouth of Ed Harris.

He also mentions that his kind (pilots, I assume) are headed for extinction.

Could this mean...


Is Ed Harris talking about drones? Robotically flown planes?

Maybe it's a threat on Tom Cruise's character, that reckless men like him won't be allowed in the Air Force after this movie.

4. Miles Teller is in it.


And he's going to play Goose's son, as well as one of Maverick's students.

Apparently, Maverick has yet to get over Goose's death, because his picture stills hangs in his locker.

5. There's A Girl Pilot Now.


Say goodbye to the all-white, all-male pilots of yesteryear, because this trailer shows off a hard and fast looking female pilot who's apparently also one of Maverick's students to be.

She's played by...

A woman named Monica Barbaro, and she plays a character with the nickname Pheonix.

She'll also be Miles Teller's love interest, and honestly, a lot of people are excited to see how their chemistry will work on screen.

What do you think?


Think it's going to be good?

Or is it just another shameless reboot cash grab by Hollywood? Most people have been waiting for a Top Gun sequel for years, so you'd have to be pretty cynical to think the latter.