24 People Who Made Some Pretty Questionable Choices

Look, nobody's perfect — we all have some regrets, and I'm sure we all have made some very questionable choices in the past. There are no judgments here. Well, not overly harsh ones, at least. A wise man probably once said, and I'm basing this on nothing, "'Tis better to laugh than to judge!"

But who cares? Really, let's do a bit of both just for fun's sake! Here are a bunch of people who have made some pretty odd choices.

1. Whoever had the idea of a communal toothbrush.

Rebrn | Rebrn

Hey, it's no big deal! Just give it a rinse and it's as good as new. It might also help to not think about the multitudes of germs growing on each bristle as you brush.

2. Whoever thought to put a television on the ceiling!

Instagram | @will_ent

Sure, I like binge-watching my shows as much as the next person, but I'm not looking get my head crushed in by a high definition death trap anytime soon, alright?

3. The person who just couldn't resist that sweet, sweet taste!

Twitter | @thrillathechase

Even if it did turn out to be a fatty, greasy mess. You don't even need to see their reaction to know it was full of instant regret — but at least it was still kinda bacon-y.

4. The girl who realized life doesn't work out like the movies.

Instagram | @will_ent

You can't blame someone for wanting a classic pic like this — but pigeons are not to be trusted, no matter where they're from! They are basically rats with wings.

5. Whoever can't just stick to normal freakin' pizza!

Twitter | @moonemojii

Okay, so I've never tried this myself, and I'm not a pineapple on pizza person either — but what is so wrong with pizza that mad scientists like these need to experiment on it?!

6. The person who thought their nails needed to look extra hot.

Reddit | SquidWithBatWings

Unless you're trying to be the sixth Spice Girl, Cheeto Spice, this look is just a little too extreme for me. Now, extreme cheese Doritos nails — that would be a different story.

7. The person who needs their ketchup fix this badly.

Imgur | TheRealR0tb3rt

I get trying to hide it from the public — we don't all need to be subjected to this madness. In fact, I'm sorry I subjected you all just now... Let's move on!

8. The woman who had to fight for her right to paaaaasta!

Instagram | Instagram

Or, at least, wear a pasta strainer on her head for an ID photo. That's some real commitment right there.

9. This other spaghetti enthusiast who just couldn't resist.

Sizzle | Sizzle

As anyone wearing a colander on their head will tell ya, when those noodles come a-callin', you gotta pick up and run with it!

10. The designers of this children shoe.

Reddit | Special-Agent-Scooby

No, not children's shoe, but a shoe infused with tiny baby dolls. Not exactly the best way to make your soles as soft as a baby's bottom.

11. The guy who took his girlfriend to where they first met... Tinder!

Reddit | ronlechler

Well, she might not be as impressed with the joke as he is — but hey, an effort was made.

12. Or this guy who made his own, personal Tinder.

Imgur | anlyin

Who wouldn't be charmed as heck by this walking advertisement? Everything you need to know about him is right there in front of ya...

13. If you wanna get superpowers, you gotta take some risks.

Instagram | @will_ent

Especially if it turns out like it always does, and you end up just the same, but with spider bites. I've fallen for that too many times.

14. Looks like grandma definitely had her priorities straight! 

Instagram | @kalesalad

I've seen Harry Potter, like, a dozen times. I don't know if I've ever watched a pope's funeral. Just sayin', there's a clear winner here.

15. I have no idea if this worked out for him, but ya gotta give props for tryin'!

Reddit | ihaztacos

Like something out of a sitcom, this guy's plan seems straight-up crazy, but who knows? Could work!

16. Yeah, might be time to invest in a dryer. 

Instagram | @will_ent

At least for the wintertime, so you don't accidentally snap your shirts in half when you bring them in, right?

17. This dude seems less Prince Charming, and more Lord Farquaad, really.

Instagram | Instagram

Surprisingly enough, it seems a live action Shrek face isn't really the turn-on we thought it'd be, huh?

18. Is this genius? Is this stupid? Is this art?! 

Reddit | Reddit

I think it's all of the above. I could see this wiener Stonehenge thing being featured on the cover of Good Housekeeping.

19. Well, show me in the rule book where it says that you can't do that!

Imgur | robbiefreeze

At least give the girl some marks for having the wits and bravery to pull this off.

20. Turns out this little dude was the most fly one at the club, literally.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Ya gotta be careful with a wingman like that. His outfit's more fresh than anything I've thrown together.

21. The person who decided Kool-Aid pickles should be a thing.

Instagram | @imquackin

I know we've had a lot of food pics on this list so far, but just look at these monstrosities! Does this even work? I don't know what's real anymore.

22. The designer of this bra who felt like it needed more of a personal touch...literally.

Reddit | Chegevarik

Now, maybe if I had a pair of milk missiles myself, I'd understand this more. But for now, I'm not sure of the purpose of this constant groping.

23. The person who didn't realize they were out of space, but went with it anyway.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

Maybe it's actually more clever than we think. I mean, I thought I needed glasses when I first saw it.

24. And lastly, this group who loves jazz and hates innuendo. 

Reddit | j1002s

Of all the letters they could've chosen to replace, it had to be that one, huh? Well, it's sure to draw some kind of crowd, I'm sure.

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