After 'Star Trek' Chris Hemsworth Suffered From Terrible Anxiety From Career Stall

Ah yes, career stalls.

We've all been through them, we've all been through doubts about our lives, but not all of us are ultra-famous actors who have starred in mega franchises.

There is a tale...


That comes from ancient times. One day, four Chrises will descend upon the earth, all at the same time and rule our media.

When the planets align, they will get together to form a super Chris and take over the world.

And that time is nearly upon us.


We're just waiting for those darn old planets to line up!

Anyways, everyone knows the three Chrises of the prophecy: Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Pine and of course, Chris Hemsworth.

In this Voltron of Chrises...


We can predict that Chris Evans will be the head, Chris Pratt will be the heart, Chris Pine will be the legs and Chris Hemsworth will be the abs and arms cause why wouldn't he be?

But there was a time...


Where this prophecy almost didn't come true.

Yes, there was a time when the abs and arms of our future glorious god were feeling pretty uncertain about his future in Hollywood. Clearly, he is not a scholar of history or legend.

The year is 2009.


We were all living our lives happily, it was the first year into Obama's presidency, Robert Downey Jr. was making his huge comeback with Tropic Thunder and of course, Iron Man...

And a little movie...


Or should I say a little reboot called Star Trek was taking over Hollywood?

It was a cool reboot of the series and really sparked our interest in Sci-Fi reboots.

In the opening scene...


We see James T Kirk's (played by the legs of Chris-tron, Chris Pine) father in a brief flashback to start the film.

Who was he played by? Of course, it was Chris Hemsworth.

After that, according to the hunky Australian actor, things kind of slowed down.


He started to fade away from getting roles and he often wondered if he would ever get a role in Hollywood again.

Of course...


We know that he would eventually go on to be the mighty Thor in... well, Thor, which as of recently has just gotten its fourth installment announced.

He's also been in a slew of other huge franchises...

Such as...


Men In Black, yet another reboot franchise where he had to compete against himself when that and Endgame were in theatres at the same time.

But he had no idea what was going to happen.

He started to feel anxious and apparently, went into quite the deep depression.


The more he tried to break back into the spotlight, the more he failed.

And obviously, that got him down.

This is what he had to say about it:


In a recent interview with Yahoo he said:

"I had a huge amount of anxiety when I was auditioning, and that just got worse and worse the more I heard the word ‘no’."

He continues...


By saying:

"I did a lot of soul searching on a number of occasions, where I asked myself: ‘Why am I doing this? What’s my motivation to put myself through this?'"



He's found so much success since Star Trek, it's hard to imagine a world without Chris Hemsworth in it.

Heck, I don't think the MCU would be the same without him.

So my question is...

History Plex

On the day the Chrises come together to smash all the non-believers, what are you going to do?

Hide and run from the inevitable, or kneel before your new lord and master?