12+ Pics That Will Make Anyone Who Wears A Bra Say, 'That's Accurate'

Anyone who's got boobs will also know the struggles of daily life with boobs. Whether they're big or small there's always something you discover about your body that you didn't know before.

And then again there are things you just get used to because you really don't have much choice like wearing a bra. Am I right, ladies?

1. The Bigger Boobs, The Bigger Struggle

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Ha, ha, ha only big-chested girls can really relate to this one. I feel for anyone dealing with it during a heatwave.

2. Is A Workout Worth It?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself that question before you can even think about working out. Because that's a workout in itself.

3. Just Hanging Out

I guess they haven't invented a tank top to fix this problem yet. Oh well, some things you just have to let go of.

4. Boob Yoga


Yoga is so good for you, isn't it? It only becomes a challenge when you boobs decide to try to suffocate you. LOL! It happens.

5. Underwire Attack

This is basically why I gave up on wearing an underwire bra because I got tired of those wire sneak attacks and buying new bras.

6. Keep Your Chin Up

That's one unique way to stay upbeat and motivate yourself. Ha, ha, ha.

7. A Long Boob Day

This is it. It pretty much sums up every girl's end-of-day scenario. The best part of getting home is taking your bra off.

8. Random Boob Ache

Yes, we've all been through this before. I feel like sometimes your boobs you decide to go on strike and want to take a day off.

9. Good Luck With Button-Up Shirts

Sadly, it seems that most button-ups still aren't boob-friendly. C'mon, already!

10. Bra Shopping Struggles

Shopping for a comfortable yet cute bra is always a pain but when you're a big-chested girl it comes with a whole new set of problems.

11. Dressing Room Nightmare

Raise your hand if you had this happen to you? I guess this is why it's a good idea to bring someone to shop with you.

12. Name Tag


If you ever had to attend an event where you need to wear your name tag it isn't awkward at all when people stare at your boob.

13. Small-Chested Problems


It's not just girls with big boobs that have problems, small chested girls always feel left out and for a good reason. Chin up, sisters.

14. The Changeroom Jump

Trying things on in the changeroom becomes a challenge because well, the boobs always seem to get in the way. Isn't that the truth?

15. The Running Problem

Going for a jog when you've got large boobs is definitely a bit of a hazard. Not only for your health but all the stares.

16. Cute Outfit Dilemma

Ever found yourself in this situation when you find a cute outfit but your boobs just aren't having any of it. That's so sad.

17. Always Ready For A Nip Slip


You'll soon find out that low cut tops are a no-no because you'll have to be always ready for that nip slip.

18. Seams Be Gone


Clearly, some athletic clothing wasn't made for all shapes and sizes because this would look so cute if it wasn't for those annoying seams. Ugh.

19. Big Boobs And Bralettes Don't Work


You know all those cute bralettes everyone is buying? Well, if your boobs are big you might as well fuggedaboutit. Indeed.

20. People Will Treat You Differently


If you happen to be on a large chested side people will definitely treat you differently. Raise your hand if you agree with me?

21. Crop Top Issues

I guess whoever invented the crop top completely forgot about a whole population of girls with big boobs. Crop tops and big boobs don't mix.

22. Backpacking Troubles

Now, this isn't a good look, is it? I guess that backpack strap wasn't invented with big busted girls in mind because this doesn't look right.

If this doesn't show you that boob struggles are real I dunno what will.

Getting through a hot summer with those babies strapped to you is no picnic. True dat!