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Justin Bieber Asks Trump To 'Let Those Kids Out Of Cages'

Many celebrities have spoken out against the border detention centers over the last few months. Now, it's Justin Bieber's turn.

It all started when Trump announced that he was working to free rapper A$AP Rocky from police custody in Sweden.

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It was actually Kanye West who reached out to Trump for support in the first place.

Rocky has been in police custody for weeks now.

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Police are currently investigating his alleged involvement in a fight in Stockholm that occurred before his appearance at a music festival, The Guardian reports.

Anyway, A$AP Rocky fans are pleased to see that Trump is lending a hand.

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Even his friend, Justin Bieber.

But that didn't stop Bieber from tweeting trump, asking to "let those kids out of cages."

Hey, if Trump listens to Kanye, maybe he'll listen to Justin too?

Worth a shot!