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Joker Who Started 'Storm Area 51' Is Freaked Out Now That It May Actually Happen

Humor is subjective and when it comes to the internet, sometimes it's just completely misunderstood. That's what Matty Roberts of California has learned since creating what he thought was a silly Facebook event only to receive millions of RSVPs.

That event is called "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop Us All" and as of this writing, has 1.8m people Going and 1.3m people Interested.


When you read the description, it's definitely tongue in cheek, with descriptions of how "Naruto running" will help prevent being shot. Plus, the event is hosted by "Shitposting cause im in shambles", which is a clue.

And a lot of people seem to get that it's a joke.


Still, if even a tiny portion of the millions show up, it could cause a lot of trouble and the U.S. Air Force has already issued a warning to anyone who might decide to try.

While he originally tried to remain anonymous, Matty Roberts finally came forward as the creator.


He worried that people might show up at his home or worse, that the FBI might.

"I was just like, the FBI’s going to show up at my house and it got a little spooky from there," he told NPR while still using the pseudonym Val.

According to locals, people are definitely interested in the September 20 event, even if it's not technically real.


All 10 rooms at the Little A'Le'Inn, which at 26 miles from the site is the closest lodging option, have already been booked and more calls keep coming in.

While I have doubts that any "storming" will happen, I definitely wouldn't be surprised if people showed up.

If even 1% of the people who RSVPd arrived in the desert, that would still be 18,000 people.

Roberts says that he'll "more than likely be there, but not for the intended purpose." I mean, he kind of has to go now, doesn't he?

h/t: NPR, KLAS