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12+ Wild Pics People Found On Their Phone That Need Explanations ASAP

Ever have a Hangover-esque night in which you wake up and have to use surrounding clues in order to piece together what the heck happened to you mere hours ago?

Since we bring our smart phones literally everywhere with us, it's pretty safe to say that a lot of the information we're looking for is often times in the form of texts, online purchases, and of course, selfies.

However, there are rare times in which we come across photos in our phones and go " I definitely didn't take that," and our investigation becomes a process of searching for the truth.

These folks will show you just how weird things can get when you misplace your beloved smart phone—even if it's only for a couple of hours.


Facebook | Nathan Buhler

When this guy went to pick up his phone at a police station lost-and-found, he certainly didn't expect that for the five days it was missing, the fire department essentially 'babysat it', posing the phone in various photos in and around the station.


Reddit | ShadowWolf92

"I woke up at a party once wondering where the bottom half of my sweatpants were," this guy writes, "Then I saw this picture on my phone, and I mean, I guess I know where they went?"

Coney Island

Reddit | KJKReptiles

"Lost my phone on New Years Eve," this woman shares, "I don't even know this guy."

Why Did The Chicken Strike The Pose?

Reddit | mrnanovideos1

Ever find random selfies on your phone taken by actual chickens? Me neither, but this chick sure did.

Grey's Vanity

Reddit | HankDroppendeuce

"Found this picture on my phone after I went into surgery," this woman writes, "Partially funny, partially really freckin weird?"

Curly Temple

Reddit | jillianmee

"This is what happens when your toddler steals your phone apparently," this dad shares, "Honestly, a star in the making."

Snoot Shot

Reddit | Laxlizard2

Accidental animal selfies are less of a mystery and more of a gift to the earth if I'm being honest.

Piano Man

Reddit | metromin

"I don't know how, and I don't know why," this man shares, "But after losing my phone in the mall, these total randos took THIS picture on it. I'm just, confused?"

The Final Straw

Reddit | JeDi_MiAh

I see your secret selfie and raise you a secret picture of your secret selfie secretly drinking a secret drink, in secret.

The Ghosts Of Aisle 4

Reddit | jfish494

"Lost my iPhone in the grocery store," this woman writes, "Found this on it later. Nice to meet you I guess?"

London Bridge

Reddit | SouthernJeb

"When you lose your phone at school and you find pictures on it of a party you never even went to," this guy writes, "Awkward."

Isn't That The Girl From 'Finding Nemo'?

Reddit | Cooptroop

"Don't leave your phone on when you go under for dental surgery," this girl writes, "Just don't do it. Trust me."

Ho Ho How Did You Get Into My House?

Reddit | tbucket94

"Couldn't find my phone at a company Christmas party for a couple hours," this guy writes, "But afterwards, I found like twenty pictures of these people I've never met in my LIFE."

Boyfriend Jeans

Reddit | Stevenwaterfall

"At least I know where my pants went now?" this guy writes, "I don't even know her though."

Glamour Shot

Reddit | Nooschwander

This woman lost her phone at an amusement park, but the guy who found it seemed MUCH more amused about the entire situation.

Up In The Air

Reddit | EarlySpaceCowboy

"Left my phone on a flight," a woman writes, "Found these after. Go off I guess."

Filler Material

Reddit | sombooty

"I'm never listening to my dentist again when he tells me he'll keep my phone safe while I'm under," this man writes.

Hello From The Other Side

Reddit | arentusad

If you don't lose your phone at Coachella and find pictures of strangers on it, did you even attend Coachella?

An Apple A Day

Reddit | badrowbot

"Went to get my iPad fixed," this guy writes, "Found pictures of the Apple tech guy on it but in a random car??? I never got any answers about that."

Cut The Chord

Reddit | angiequickkk

"I asked my friend to hold my phone while my wife and I went parasailing," this man writes, "The pics she took were both hilarious and terrifying."