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Somebody Put The ‘Cats’ Trailer With The Music From ‘Us’ And The Result Is Even More Terrifying

The Cats trailer hit the internet, and it was a strange moment for all of us.

People were divided between their love of Broadway musicals and the pure horror of people merging with cats.

'Us' is one of the most terrifying movies ever.

I can only watch it in the daylight, honestly.

But that's the brilliance of the director, Jordan Peele. But there may be a new movie that is even scarier...

The upcoming 'Cats' movie.

And needless to say, the trailer is quite...scary.

I didn't need to see Taylor Swift as a cat, and I don't think anyone did.

But one brilliant human on Twitter put the two together, and the result is horrifying but amazing.

Maybe that's the song they really should have gone with for the trailer!

And Jordan Peele, who directed 'Us' approves!

Maybe he'll direct the sequel.

Will you be watching Cats in theatres? Let us know in the comments!