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‘Halloween’ Isn't Done With Sequels: ‘Halloween Kills’ And ‘Halloween Ends’ Are Coming

Good news horror fans! Halloween isn't done making movies. The eternal struggle will apparently be continuing!

Halloween Kills will release in 2020 and Halloween Ends in 2021.

Of course, there were rumors about more movies.

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But no one knew for sure, you never can really be certain in the world of Hollywood.

'Halloween Kills' will follow up last-year's 'Halloween', and is set for Oct. 16 2020.

Blumhouse Productions

2018's Halloween did extremely well, so we're sure the next one will do the same.

And the finale, 'Halloween Ends' is set to release on Oct. 15 2021.

Blumhouse Productions

We can assume that, that movie will be the one to end off the massive franchise.

Watch the extremely small teaser now!

It's all that you'll be getting for a while.

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