Gwendoline Christie AKA Brienne Of Tarth Of 'GOT' Submitted Herself For An Emmy Nomination And Got It

Alicia D'Aversa 19 Jul 2019

Game of Thrones did a lot wrong in season eight, according to most people, but one thing is for sure:

Gwendoline Christie did everything right.

'Game of Thrones' got 32 Emmy nominations.

Which broke a record, by the way.

Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke were among the Emmy noms.

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But Gwendoline Christie didn't get a nomination, so she submitted herself.

Talk about iconic.

Remember everyone, be your own biggest cheerleader. People applauded her! And she even got the nomination!

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But no one was more excited than she was!

“I honestly couldn’t feel more overwhelmed, privileged and heartened that people want to see more unconventional female storylines.” She said.

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Do you think she'll win the award?

I really hope so! She worked hard and she deserves it.

Let us know in the comments what you think!

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