Hilarious Bathroom Sign Is Perfect For Any Mom Who Needs A Few Minutes Alone To Pee

Moms know that when you're home, it's incredibly hard to get some time to yourself. With your partner always asking you questions and your kids constantly looking for you, you're lucky if you get to use the toilet alone.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to go to the bathroom in a house full of kids.

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There's nothing worse than trying to get some alone time in the bathroom, whether on the toilet or trying to take a shower, and hearing your kids screaming, "Mom!"

That's why moms everywhere have been trying to find new ways to avoid those little fingers.

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From locking the door to even putting a TV show on for the kids, just to distract them, moms really try to figure out a way to have kids leave them alone during bathroom time.

Recently, one Facebook page shared a hilarious sign that could be the answer to many of moms problems.

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For moms who have nosey partners and annoying kids, the sign is everything that you've been wanting to say to your family.

The sign was shared by Facebook page "Mommas Helping Mommas" and it's brilliant.

Facebook l Mommas Helping Mommas

The list starts off by saying "If mom is in the bathroom, you are NOT allowed to..." and continues to list several things kids and husbands/wives cannot do.

First rule is no knocking.

Facebook l Mommas Helping Mommas

Unless there is a fire, or someone is bleeding and/or dead, no knocking on the bathroom door.

Number two is no screaming when mom's in the shower.

Facebook l Mommas Helping Mommas

In fact, mom added that she cannot hear any of your questions or concerns when she's in the shower. Plus, she doesn't want to hear them anyway.

Number three is no waiting at the door.

Facebook l Mommas Helping Mommas

Mom's going to end up opening the door and slamming it in your face and it will 200% be your own fault.

Number four is the most important.

Facebook l Mommas Helping Mommas

Number four says absolutely no notes with boxes to answer. Instead, mom says to ask whether or not you can wait two minutes to ask.

Moms everywhere obviously loved this.

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The post has over 1.8k shares on Facebook and people could not stop tagging their mom friends in the post online.

Every mom should have this in their home.

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There's nothing more important than self care and privacy in a mom's life. This sign gives moms some more freedom and "alone time."

Plus, if it doesn't work on your kids, at least it's funny!

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You can either copy the Facebook page's sign, or make your own with some rules that are tailored made for your kids!

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