These Converse Magically Change Colors In The Sun And They're A Summer Dream

Chuck Taylors have proven to withstand the test of trendy time. They continue to reinvent themselves and stay in the current buzz of the fashion world. Converse has even teamed up with major fashion houses like Comme des Garçons and celebrities like Stranger Things' Milly Bobby Brown.

Now they're cooking up some real magic in the lab with New York-based fashion line Chinatown Market to create UV-activated Chucks.

These color-changing Chucks are a collaboration between Converse and Chinatown Market.


The sneaker will be in a classic high top or low top design.

The shoes start out white, and once they hit the powerful UV rays of the sun, they quickly change into a sorbet dream.

Watch it happen here! It's so cool I don't know how they even came up with the wild technology to do it.

The shoes launch on Chinatown Market's website on July 20 at the ripe hour of 12:01am EST.


And if you happen to be in Chicago this weekend, you can cop them at ComplexCon.

They're honestly so fun. I can't stop watching how they transform colors in the sun like magic!

Catch me snacking on some rainbow sorbet while chilling in these.

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