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New Dr. Pepper Flavored Cake Is Literally What The Doctor Ordered

No one wants to eat boring old normal birthday cake anymore—it's just fact.

2019 is the year of everything being extra: extra clothes, extra personalities, and OF COURSE extra desserts.

Since you're a snack, you deserves snacks that are the best of the best, and I will not allow anything less than that. Here here!

If I'm being honest, Dr Pepper is the most unique tasting of all pops.

Not in a bad way, just in a "you would never lose a blind taste test" kind of way. It's a drink that only tastes like itself, with zero resemblance to anything else, so when you crave Dr Pepper, only Dr Pepper can satisfy.

Well, now we've got it in cake form.

Instagram | @muscea7

Yep, Café Valley Bakery has teamed up with Dr Pepper and released a Dr Pepper-inspired spicy ring cake covered in delicious icing.

And yes, the cake is made with actual Dr Pepper. We aren't fakes in these parts.

Each cake is literally only $6.

Instagram | @pyanne102

Café Valley chief executive officer Brian Owens released a statement on the new product:

"Our partnership with Dr Pepper will guarantee consumers the real, genuine soda taste, just as delicious as our other fun soda cake flavors."

"This cake features premium ingredients and the high-quality taste our customers have come to expect."

Café Valley

Actual Café Valley stores are located in Phoenix, Arizona, and Indiana, but the Dr Pepper cake is being sold in grocery stores nation wide.

Birthday parties just leveled up big time.

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