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Bud Light Gets An Extra-Terrestrial Makeover In Honor Of The Area 51 Raid

As much as advertisers and marketers are constantly putting things in our faces every moment of every day, sometimes you have to give them credit for their creativity and their ability to seize every single opportunity that comes their way.

I mean, who would have seen this marketing tie-in coming? It's kind of genius.

Few things started so humbly and found such surprising appeal as the idea to stage a mass raid on Area 51.

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The simple Facebook event, started by gaming streamer SmyleeKun, invites anyone and everyone out to the Nevada desert the night of September 20 to "storm Area 51" to "see them aliens" because "they can't stop all of us."

At latest count, more than 1.7 million people have said they're going, with another 1.3 million interested.

Now, it's not wrong to have many, many reservations about this event, but none of those will stop Bud Light from trying to run with it.

Credit to Bud Light's marketing team, they haven't wasted any time, mocking up some alien-themed packaging to tie into the summer's biggest viral event despite the huge, huge questions marks around it.

Bud Light showed off the proposed packaging on Twitter, and it's something else.

Their designers didn't miss a detail, writing up new text for the product description splash, adding a triangular, bug-eyed alien head, and noting that they "come in peace," all in an appropriately spooky green paint job.

It's well done, but so far, it's just a science fiction fantasy.

It's not really headed to store shelves - yet. But as Bud Light tweeted, with a mere, very reasonable 51,000 retweets, they're pledging to make it all a reality.

At present, they're more than halfway there, sitting at just over 27,000.

In fact, they're going all-in on the whole Area 51 raid thing.

The Bud Light Twitter account has added that any aliens that successfully escape the raid will get free beer.

"Whether you’re from this planet or another galaxy, nothing says 'welcome to our planet' like a few beers," a spokesperson said, according to Ad Week. "The way we see it, there’s no better way to show these aliens 'we come in peace' than a few BLs. Who knows? Maybe a few beers will make this a party rather than a raid."