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Sleeping On The Job Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With These Nap Desks

Admit it, there have been times where you've taken a tiny cat nap at work. Maybe you snuck into a closet or break room to do so, or maybe you just chucked on some sunnies to mask your shut eyes.

Or maybe you've been woken up by your coworker who gave you the unfortunate news that you've drooled all over your keyboard and that your screen is filled with "JHUDGDGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG."

The nap desk is here to solve all of your office napping problems. Don't fight it — just face it.

Some weeks, every day just feels like a Monday.

You just can't seem to wake up no matter how many cups of coffee you've drank or how much heavy metal you've forced yourself to blast into your ear to get you going.

The nap desk is here to solve those problems!

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It looks like an ordinary desk, but little does the unsuspecting know that it is so much more than that.

The desk actually has an extendable top in case you have meetings with other.

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Of course, meetings when you're not napping.

Although it totally acts as a great disguise for a napper while a meeting is happening.

When it opens up, it looks like a napping dream.

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It can fully extend to reveal a headrest for optimal pillow comfort and it looks like it also has a TV!

This is so wild. I can't wait until the company actually releases it to be sold!

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