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Sophia Richie's Latest Insta Post Is Making Us Do A Double Take

This past week will go down in history as the week Kylie took her krew to Turks and Caicos and made us all not even a little bit super jealous.

To celebrate her latest collection for Kylie Skin, Miss Jenner took her besties on a luxury (very branded) vacay.

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Of course, the whole trip was the most Instagramable trip EVER.

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With very Instagramable people, let's make THAT clear.

The moral of this story is how do I become best friends with Kylie Jenner?

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I'd be serving you some strong 3/10 lewks in Turks and Caicos, hunty.

You know who was *also* serving lewks in Turks and Caicos, hunty ? Sophia Richie.

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And yes old people, that's Lionel Richie's daughter!

Sophia has been BFF's with Kylie for ages now.

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Sophia's also fully dating Scott Disick so, she's basically family now.

She posted this pic of herself in a gawgeous leopard bikini:

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Shortly after it was posted however, people began asking if sis had Facetuned the pic.

Yes her hands look long. And yes, her arm looks warped.

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But she must have an explanation for this, right?

UM YEAH, of course she does!!!!!!! Sophia commented back to a fan and clarified what exactly is going on.

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"Thanks boo! But that is an archway," Sophia responded to the accusations she edited her pictures.

LOL... WHAT? An archway? I SEE NO ARCHWAY. For reference, here's an archway:

Unsplash | Darrell Chaddock

I'm even more confused.

Does she mean this picture???

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Is that an archway??? Or do my eyes deceive me??

Sorry kids, I don't think we'll never have our answer.

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And Sophia?

Keep doing you, boo!