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15+ Pics So Perfectly Timed That You’ll Be Doing A Double Take

sydney.brooman 17 Jul 2019

Whether you believe in fate or simple coincidences, we can all admit that it's awfully exiting when nature works in serendipitous ways.

Certain images need absolutely perfect timing, and lucky for you, we've compiled the best of the best.

Grab your reading glasses and get yourself prepared though because at first glance, these pics have a tendency to seem like something they're not.

1. Getting Eary Eyed

Reddit | airbrat

It may be likely that this is something that this pupper does often, but never the less, it's not easy to snap a pic as perfectly timed as this.

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2. Daddy Long Arms

Optical illusion, or is this man secretly Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four? You decide.

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3. To Infinity And Beyond

Reddit | Octacle

If there is actually a roller coaster willing to launch me into space, sign me the frick up.

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4. Walking On Water

Reddit | monsterbashem_09

These kinds of pictures are a little too perfect, and I'm convinced that they were taken fully by accident.

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5. Saddle Up

Reddit | verguy

It's not every day that you get to meet a horseman, especially one with such a nice blue coat!

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6. Reagan?

Reddit | lolanextfloor

Children have a way of becoming meme-worthy without even trying. It's one of their special skills.

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7. Pot Of Old

So that's what Lucky Charms marshmallows are made of...

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8. Fish Outta Water

Reddit | [deleted]

I love photos that are able to capture the moment before something occurs, because you know that it's too late, but they certainly don't.

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9. Inflation

Reddit | MalSmith

Yeah, balloons are a pretty accurate comparison there. I'll admit it.

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10. Father Nature

Reddit | gouice

Ever become such an all-powerful being that you are both buck and oak? Neither have I. It really isn't fair, you know?

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11. He's A Snack

Reddit | mommajrose3

The term 'pea-brain' has a whole new meaning now.

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12. The Good Boy Glinda

Reddit | Fizzgig11

He may seem a little upset, but that's his primary mode of transportation. If you pop the bubble, he's gotta start all over again!

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13. The Flying Dutchman

Fog has an uncanny ability to completely mystify a landscape. All aboard!

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14. Migration Formation

Reddit | DanRobson1

I mean, they did teach us how to fly, not the other way around.

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15. Life Imitates Art

Reddit | Callyzone

This dragonfly decided to land in a way that exactly mirrored this woman's dragonfly tattoo. Oh man, that much be a little confusing for him.

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16. Sailor Moon

Reddit | Psy_phi

It's rare that perspective lines up perfectly in a photograph, so rare that it can really only occur when you aren't trying.

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17. Amerlotica

Reddit | doublebeatloaf

If you didn't drink the American flag, are you even American?

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18. Stockings Hung With Care

No stockings? No problem, just wait for nature to do it's thing and volla!

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19. Cliff Bar

Reddit | reznormort34

This may be an optical illusion, but it's much more fun to think that this cliff monster is just really good at staying still.

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20. We'll Bee Alright

Reddit | oliviaresseni

I don't know which is more perfect: the placement, or the irony.

h/t: Bored Panda

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