House Of Representatives Will Vote On Trump’s Impeachment Today

The US House of Representatives will be voting today on Al Green's proposed articles of presidential impeachment, following Trump's Twitter remarks about congresswomen of color within the past few days.

"Yesterday there was a vote of condemnation," Green told C-Span. "The president was condemned. Today, we'll have a vote to punish."

"We ought to impeach this President for his bigotry."

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"We have to punish the president, and impeachment is the means by which he can be punished," he continued.

On Sunday, President Trump made a Twitter statement stating that a group of congresswomen should go back to the country they're from, which sparked public outrage and allegations of racism on the president's behalf.

Following the backlash against Trump's statement, representative Al Green has decided to bring his impeachment vote to the House much earlier than planned.


On July 15, Green stated that he would be bringing forth a motion to impeach sometime this month, but in the wake of what a lot of people are calling blatant white supremacy shown from the President, the motion has not only been brought forward much sooner, but will be voted on today.

In addition, Special Counsel Robert Muller's testimony before congress has been delayed until July 24th.

Carolyn Kaster

Though the delay will actually work in the Democrats favor, as his testimony before Congress regarding the Russia Investigation has now been ]extended from two hours to three, giving members of congress more time to question him.

The testimony will now be especially timely.

As the threat of impeachment turns from dream to reality, every bit of information that could contribute to a charge against the President will be vital.

h/t: The Hill