10+ Scrapped Storylines From Shows That Would Have Changed Everything

We all know and love these famous shows, but one little detail could have changed that.

These scrapped story lines might have ruined a wonderful show, or catapulted it straight to stardom.

But we'll never be able to know for sure.

What do you think?

Would these scrapped plots have been the one to make or break these shows?

Spoiler alert.

1. *The Walking Dead*

During season 3, TWD writers considered killing off Carol as they didn't know what to do with her.

Thankfully, or not, they killed off T-Dog instead.

2. *Pretty Little Liars*

During seasons 6 and 7, the Liars were tormented by the anonymous A.D.

The show was originally going to end with her identity never being revealed to them.

3. *Scrubs*


Did any of you realize the janitor only interacts with J.D. in season 1?

While he got a clearer role as the seasons went by, originally, he was meant to be a different kind of character.

Who was that character?

Well, he was actually going to be a figment of J.D.'s imagination but, after season 1 they decided to give him a bigger realer role.

4. *Boardwalk Empire*


Dabney Coleman's Commodore Louis Kaestner was supposed to be the main villain of season 2.

Tragically, this plotline had to be rewritten due to Coleman's throat cancer.

It was because of this, that Jimmy and Angela Darmody's deaths came much sooner than writers had originally planned.


Isn't that interesting?!

5. *Lost*

Jack Shephard was originally going to be killed off during the pilot episode, leaving Kate to be the main character.

Can you imagine Lost without Jack?

Me neither.

Jack was also originally going to be played by Michael Keaton.

Sony Pictures

How crazy would that have been?

Would you have wanted things to go this way or are you happy with how it turned out?

6. *Parks and Rec*

There was an episode called "Challenge Day" which followed Ann and Leslie running a seminar and fighting as a result.

It was later scrapped as writers didn't want to compromise their dynamic.

7. *Breaking Bad*

One of the earlier scripts called for Jesse Pinkman to be killed by a drug dealer in season 1.

Without Jesse, what would Breaking Bad be?

8. *Buffy The Vampire Slayer*


During season 6, Joss Whedon killed off Tara.

The backlash was so strong Whedon wanted to resurrect her but missed his chance. Actress Amber Benson had already moved on.

9. *The Vampire Diaries*

Klaus was originally going to be killed off in season 3, but he was such a fan favorite the writers let him live.

This meant Joseph Morgan could continue playing Klaus on The Originals.

10. *Friday Night Lights*


When Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler discovered that one of their characters, Tami or Eric Taylor, may have an affair, they approached the writers together to make sure that would never happen.

11. *Veronica Mars*


Had the CW renewed the show for a fourth season in 2007, it would have skipped to a post-Quantico Veronica joining a completely new cast at the LA FBI office.

12. *E.R.*


Julianna Margulies' character, Carol, was supposed to die of a drug overdose in the pilot.

But her chemistry with George Clooney tested so well with audiences that they kept her on for all 15 seasons.

13. *Grey's Anatomy*

On its own, Grey's Anatomy is one of the most complex shows that is full of endless plot twists that make our head spin.

Not to mention, they have some of the best love stories.

But one love story didn't happen.


Originally, a romance between Dr. Bailey and George, while he was an intern, was going to be a central plotline for the show.

14. *Friends*


During the casting process, Monica and Joey were going to be the main couple of Friends, the "Ross and Rachel," if you will.

Poor Chandler, he would've been really lonely.

15. *Glee*

The show was originally written as a feature film.

It was going to be a movie based on the real-life experiences of creator Ian Brennan.

16. *Battlestar Galactica*


Originally, Lee was going to develop romantic feelings for President Roslin.

That would have made things awkward, considering his father also was romantically involved with Ros.

17. *SNL*


Albert Brooks claims that he nearly became the permanent host of SNL.

Supposedly Lorne Michaels offered him the position but Brooks deferred, suggesting they should have recurring guest hosts instead.

18. *24*


This next storyline actually would have changed a whole lot about the character's development.

TV's 24 toyed with a storyline where Jack's wife Teri didn't die.

This one's hard to imagine.

I mean, it's such a pivotal component of the show and to Jack's character development. It 100% would not have been the same.

19. *Chuck*

Instagram | @iamnataliemartinez

Natalie Martinez was the original love interest in Chuck.

She played a character by the name of Kayla Hart but was scrapped almost immediately after the show began.

20. *Friends*...again.


Remember when Ross was dating his student, Elizabeth? Well, as it turns out, the original storyline called for the couple to get pregnant!

Huge missed opportunity on this one.

21. *Dr. Who*

There is a lost plotline in Doctor Who that would have starred J.K. Rowling!

Not only that but she would have brought the Doctor into the Potter Universe!

Which makes me want to cry just at the thought.

I get sad just thinking about how epic this could have been!

Can you just imagine seeing the good doctor doing battle against a Dementor or the Dark Lord himself?!

22. *Pretty Little Liars*...again.


According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writers came dangerously close to having Alison be the one in the casket, instead of her sister Charlotte.

23. *Smallville*

Batman almost showed up in season 3 of Smallville.

But due to the network being unable to clear the character rights, they had to change his name from Bruce Wayne to Adam Knight.

It couldn't have been any worse than this.

It makes you wonder what a Smallville Batman might have looked like?

Without question, it would have completely reshaped the series, as well as the entire Arrowverse.

24. *Buffy The Vampire Slayer*...again.


Joss Whedon had always intended to write a storyline with a gay character. But it wasn't originally going to be Willow.

It was actually Xander who was originally going to come out.

25. *Cheers*


In the sixth season of Cheers, writers toyed with the idea of Sam Malone contracting HIV.

The season was cut short that year due to a writer's strike, so the episode never happened.

But considering the time the show played, that could have been such an interesting storyline to develop!

But sadly, we will never get to see it.

26. *One Tree Hill*


Actress Bethany Joy Lenz was not cast for her singing ability.

In fact, it wasn't even a part of Haley's character until creator Mark Schahwn overheard her singing in the parking lot.

Which of these scrapped storylines would you have liked to see?

There are so many to choose from!

Let us know below in the comments!