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Kylie Claps Back With Graphic Message After Body Shamers Troll BFF's Pic

If you're a crazy protective person like moi, you'll know how easy it is to pick a FIGHT over the smallest of things when it comes to the people you love.

And that goes for ur super hot, super rich California bestie too.

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I'm looking at you, Kylie Jenner.

Except, Kylie is not drunk fighting in da clurrb like the rest of us plebs.

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Oh no, Kylie is defending her besties honour in a much more rich betch type of way.

You see, Kylie's BFF Anastasia Karanikolaou (aka Stassie) was on vacay with Kylie and a bunch of their friends.

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They were on this 34523 star holiday to celebrate Kylie's new skincare launch.

It was the most Instagramable place in this WORLD, and y'all KNOW Stassie and Kylie made use of it.

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They wore matching outfits and guys........ it was CUTE.

Super stunTING, right?

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Well if you can BELIEVE IT, people were picking apart Stassie's latest Insta from this trip and obvi, Kylie wasn't having any of it.

Stassie posted this ~fire~ bikini selfie and like.. find me a flaw, y'all.

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However, someone felt the need to comment this nastiness under the pic and I just CAN'T.

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"Your private area is rippling," .... ummmmmmmmmm.

Kylie was QUICK to clap back at the hate, DEMANDING this troll leave Stassie's "thick thighs and phat p***y out of this!!!!"

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HONESTLY, you tell 'em, Kylie.

Now, everyone was like "yaaaas no photoshop queen" and we were all inspired by perfect Stassie's lil' skin wrinkle.

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Which is what makes what happened next so CRINGE.

Can you imagine ur bestie holding down for you like that only to... BOTCH YOUR PHOTOSHOP A FEW DAYS LATER.

Do you see it?

I mean, this has to be on purpose now.

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Like, it just has to be, lol.

The comments ~felt~ this energy, ya know?

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IDK why no one asks for a double check with fresh eyes before they POST!

And in a shocking revelation, they're STILL IN TURKS AND CAICOS!



And at the end of the day, does Stassie look bothered to you? Absolutely not.

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Keep doing you, boo,