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15+ Pics That Went Viral For Surprising Reasons

Every new day holds the promise of seeing something new. Usually that promise disappoints, or the something we see is actually something we don't want to see, like unusual roadkill or a disgusting attempt at a food mashup like olive and hot dog jelly salad.

The internet is always there for us, though. Here are some less unsavory but still unusual things that surprised us.

Guitar players can do some weird things with their fingers, but I've never seen them bend like this before.

Reddit | VectorBrain

Usually they just have to stretch out to impossible lengths to make some challenging chords.

What's the difference between convenience and too much convenience?

Reddit | hidethebodynow

This right here, a toilet built into a public bench. Even if it's not hooked up to plumbing, you know some jerk will try it anyway.

This young man's wisdom teeth have grown in in direct opposition to each other.

Reddit Zemoregale

But it could be worse. "They will never come out of the gum, but luckily my dentist said I shouldn’t have complications either," the uploader wrote. "I feel pretty special ‘cause he also said it’s mega rare and he’s never seen this before."

Might want to check on your mannequins more frequently.

Reddit | Jakdracula

This suit has been in a display for so long, the sun has faded it. Check out around the button holes and along the underside edge where the sun hasn't been able to work its magic.

Instead of floors, this elevator's display shows your elevation.

Reddit | icechen1

Not sure if it's very practical, but it's definitely different.

This trash can on the beach has been a hive of frustration.

Reddit | Whhyyyyyyyyy

Just look at all the bird footprints from the gulls that were trying in vain to get at the tasty bagel inside.

This Canadian quarter was found on a beach.

Reddit | m3m3ntomorii

How did it get all pitted and worn through like that? It's a mystery. That is some strange corrosion.

I wonder where this leads...

Reddit | ShoarmaSnater

It has to be something good to commit a QR code to tile in the streets of Prague, right? Either that, or it's the greatest Rick Roll of all time.

Onward, noble steed!

Reddit | katerinacatfish

Do frogs and smaller frogs have some kind of a deal worked out where the little ones get to ride the big ones? Because I would be okay with that.

This crab has a startlingly good smiley face on its shell.

Reddit | random_pm_please

It's just going around showing off a sunny disposition every day, and that feels like a good thing.

This DIY RV is something else.

Reddit | mdudz

It would have taken a lot of work to mount a van on top of a bus to make this double decker dream come true.

You have to hit a hydro pole at a pretty special angle to break it like that.

Reddit | jabermaan

And zero disruption to the power lines above, that's a hole-in-one kind of a shot.

You know it's hot when...

Reddit | mangobreaker

The pizza dough still in its box on your counter starts to rise. Guess these folks are making some pizza very soon!

It's like nature's paper snowflake.

Reddit | oogmar

A little bug happened to eat a hole in this flower's petals when they were closed, so when they opened up, all the holes made a kind of pattern.

Just like Bodie and Johnny Utah, these guys are clearly brothers from different mothers.


It was destiny that they should meet like that. And if you don't believe in destiny, you should now.

This is either cruel or ingenious.

Reddit | crapsocket

You can look at heart-shaped bubble wrap as a joy to find when you open your package, or a joy to pop if you're a born heartbreaker.

For some serious music, here's a piano that has barbed wire for strings.

Reddit | HitThisRanch777

It's very special barbed wire, from the Korean DMZ. It's called the "Piano of Unification." Not sure it would sound very good when played, but it's more about sentimental value anyway.

I've seen the odd connected pretzel, but this is ridiculous.

Reddit | tmash01

None of them appear to be broken, so either the machine that twists them into shape had a glitch or this is an impressive Photoshop job.

Apparently, if you leave enough location reviews in Google, you earn socks.

Reddit | deathsmetal

Yes, socks. It's unclear how many reviews are required to trigger the gift, though.

This pinecone is massive!

Reddit | eragon157

Sure, if you live on the West coast where sugar pines are common, it may not seem that impressive, but for the visitor from the East coast that found it, it was insanity.

This may just be a basic bottle of nail polish, but of course Reddit was going to love it.

Reddit | a_pension_4_pensions

I mean, how could they not when its punny color name is "Red it Online"?

I'm not sure what the person that installed this tub was thinking.

Reddit | timmler24

Did they think it made it more romantic or that the taps disrupted the look of the tub surround? Talk about inefficient.

I know art is subjective, but...

Reddit | nuthin_to_it

Whatever this painting of God shooting the Earth with his laser eyes is, it's not "art." It's incredible, but for all the wrong reasons.

Canadian money always gets tons of love online.

Reddit | epic_eric2

How can it not when the Canadian Mint is always making cool special editions. The toonies minted in 2017 all feature a glow-in-the-dark Northern Lights.

The lighting on these stairs makes them trippy at night.

Reddit | CeliaLGK

Not "trippy" as in you may trip and hurt yourself, but "trippy" as in something M.C. Escher might have drawn.

This car looks rather upset, but that's not why the pic was popular.

Reddit | JaredIsCursedUwU

It's a Ford Anglia just like the one in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This one appears to have a broken invisibility booster.

This image was posted because the pillars create people in their negative space.

Reddit | Nanna_Wilson

But it went viral because it's really difficult for the brain to figure out the scale of them. The sign to the left seems to indicate that they are quite large, but it still feels like a weird miniature.

Why is a salmon ATM a thing?


Please note that the salmon is Norwegian. The machine dispensing them is located in Singapore. I'm not sure that actually helps this make more sense, though.

The moon landing is a popular topic right now.

Reddit | CoolAlf

But this may be my favorite thing inspired by it. It's a recreation of the famous photo of Buzz Aldrin, in Lego.

Fossils are always cool, but they're usually only partial prints.

Reddit | Proteon

This giant sea lily fossil is perfectly preserved, though, and absolutely gorgeous.

Things you really don't think about.

Reddit | 1-LegInDaGrave

The toe on this person's cover for their prosthetic foot has worn down from getting down on hands and knees to play with their child.

These two things are the same thing.

Reddit | ivanhaversham

That little plastic nub is what a water bottle looks like before it has been blow-molded into its final form.

File this under things that never would have occurred to me to try.

Reddit | cornflowerskies

You know how you shouldn't compare apples and oranges? Well, this guy eats oranges like apples - yep, peel and all.

The December 1969 issue of National Geographic included a vinyl record.

Reddit | name_is_original

The record features an audio documentary about the history of the Space Age. Check out the YouTube video to hear it in full.

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