Dwayne Johnson Thinks Hollywood Is Ready For A Black Superman (And He's Ready To Play Him)

Come on now, you can't say you haven't thought about Dwayne Johnson being our new Superman.

Although there's nothing in the works right now for this, that doesn't mean it won't happen in the future!

Lately, Hollywood is all about the reboots.


There are a ton of live-action Disney movies coming, and a stream of movies and TV shows that are getting revived.

For those wondering, the highly anticipated live action remake of *Mulan* is headed to theaters soon!


There are bound to be a few changes from the original Disney animated version but we're sure it'll be amazing either way!

And within these reboots, there have been a lot of black actors taking the crown.


And good for them!

Lashana Lynch is becoming 007.

And Halle Bailey has taken the role of Princess Ariel.

Another classic that we're sure is going to absolutely blow our minds and hit with all the nostalgia at the same time.

Could a black Superman be next?


So far the role has been filled by some big names including Henry Cavill, Tom Welling, Gerard Christopher, and Christopher Reeve, to name only a few.

Dwayne Johnson seems to think there's room for change.

He believes Hollywood is slowly moving to be more progressive, and that a black Superman is inevitable and on its way.

He was stopped on the red carpet and asked how he thought Hollywood was doing with superheros when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Instagram | @therock

And his response? Nothing short of iconic.

First, he credited Marvel for building out, and does believe that Hollywood is doing a good job of it.

Instagram | @therock

"As everything builds and grows and you take the temperament of society and what's happening and I think here in Hollywood, especially with franchises and characters and publicly traded companies who are sensitive to that kind of thing, yeah, I think they're doing a great job," he explained.

"Maybe one day we will see a black Superman. You're looking at him," he added.

Instagram | @therock

Uhhh...yes please!

Watch his explanation below!

He's very ready and willing to play him. And I am DOWN!

Are you? Do you think he's right? Let us know in the comments!