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These Homeowners Transformed A Tiny Shed Into A Cozy Backyard Library Nook

Tiny homes are completely sweeping the Internet. There are numerous DIY kits from Amazon that make them easy to try out yourself and give yourself a little home away from home.

One design firm helped homeowners transform a tiny shed into a major getaway retreat without having to actually leave their property.

Board & Vellum are the design team responsible for completely transforming the homeowners' backyard into a relaxation retreat away from home.

Board & Vellum

After seeing this photo, it's hard to believe that the homeowners' backyard was completely littered with weeds and overgrown plants.

The shed is actually super multi-functional.

Board & Vellum

The tiny loft shed is lined with large windows and a cozy reading nook, perfect for those who love to listen to the rain pour down as they read.

It also doubles as a tiny guest house with a loft bed and bathroom, shower included.

Board & Vellum

This space is perfect for guests who need to crash for the night or a restful escape from your partner's loud snoring.

The best part about the backyard retreat is the hot tub and patio just steps away.

Board & Vellum

Forget guest suite — I feel like I could actually live in here full-time!

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