Ultra-Magnified Sand Looks Like The Most Beautiful Rocks And Crystals

Life is busy. People say to "stop and smell the roses," but some days, it's difficult enough to just remember to take a second to breathe. But it's really true — it's important to stop and appreciate what's around us, because it's pretty amazing that life continues to happen, even when ours feel chaotic.

One photographer and scientist has taken magnificent magnified photos of grains of sand to try and get us to think a little more about our surroundings — to stop and see the sand.

Gary Greenberg is a scientist, teacher, author, and photographer who captures these amazing magnified images of grains of sand.

His eclectic background in both entertainment, art, and science led him to his fascination in capturing the beauty of everyday objects that aren't seen by the naked eye.

He created high-definition 3D microscopes that were issued 19 US patents. That's pretty incredible.

And with that technology, he has been able to capture the details and beauty of everyday objects that cannot be seen.

Some of these photos are over 340 times magnified!

With these images, Dr. Greenberg hopes that people begin to understand nature from a new perspective.

I know I would have never thought one grain of sand could look like a giant collection of beautiful crystals and rocks!

Each grain of sand is unique and different in its own way.

Some of these even look like food! This image makes a fun game of I Spy.