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Hotel Owner Perfectly Responds To Instagram Influencer Looking For Free Room

Ah, Instagram Influencers. Ten years ago, we never could have imagined that one could make a living off of social media, yet here we are.

Those with large followings often make a lot of their money through brand deals, meaning they advertise companies in exchange for money from them.

A lot of the time, these products and services are sent to the influencers for free.

This ends up making the job look quite appealing to the average Jane or John Doe. Free stuff and being paid to have fun? Sign me up!

YouTuber Elle Darby recently decided to take advantage of her social media following.

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Though she only has under two hundred thousand subscribers, that's often enough clout to get one something for free, right?

Valentine's Day was coming, so Darby was planning a trip with her boyfriend.

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So she contacted the White Moose Cafe in Dublin, Ireland, asking for free accommodation in exchange for "exposure" on her YouTube channel.

"I would love to feature you in my videos to drive up traffic for the hotel in exchange for free accommodation."

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She went on to explain to the owners of the hotel how many YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers she had, pretty much insinuating that it would be an honor for them to host her at their hotel.

Paul Stenson, the owner of the hotel, sent back a scathing reply.

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"Thank you for your e-mail looking for free accommodation in exchange for exposure," he writes, " It takes a lot of balls to send an email like that, if not much self-respect and dignity.

He goes on to ask her how things like hotel staff, food, and cleaning will be paid with "exposure."

He then made a point of noting that the hotel actually had a larger social media following than she does.

He also noted "The above stats do not make me any better than anyone else or afford me the right to not pay for something everyone else has to pay for."

Basically, he gave her a HARD no.

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"In the future, I would advise you to offer to pay your way like everyone else," he continues, "This would show more self respect on your part and, let's face it, it would be less embarrassing for you."

Hotel: 1 Influencer : 0

h/t: Bored Panda