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This Ridiculously Handsome Goat Has Gone Viral So Jump On The Baaandwagon

Some people work towards fame; others have fame thrust upon them.

All it takes is viral picture and suddenly, BAM, you have an entire fan base curated around the fact that you have 'pop-star hair'. Sometimes, people can even see that star power quality within you when you can't see it yourself.

21-Year-Old Ahmad M Fadzi never thought that he would be in the spotlight.

Facebook | Muhammad Livestock Farm

The Muhammad Livestock Farm worker was in Terengganu shopping for female goats when he came across Ramos, a male goat who was far too interesting to pass up.

When he posted a picture of Ramos to the Muhammad Livestock Farm Facebook page, it got a little more attention than he was expecting.

Ramos has become an international superstar.

Facebook | Muhammad Livestock Farm

The lovely Malaysian billy goat has been hailed online for his luscious locks and lovely blonde goatee.

"Some people asked me if I want to sell Ramos," Fadzir said, "However, I have to politely decline and will offer them other goats from the same breed instead."

The comments on his weekly photo updates are starting to get out of hand.

Facebook | Muhammad Livestock Farm

"Look at that glance, look at that powerful glance," one person writes, "You can't train that kind of thing. That's pure, unfiltered pop star potential."

Others are just plain confused: "Why does that goat have better hair that me," one man writes.

"Seriously what is he using and where can I buy some."

Facebook | Muhammad Livestock Farm

Ramos is a Swiss Saanen breed of snow-white goats kept for their plentiful milk, so if you're a fan, don't worry, there are a lot of goats like Ramos in supply.

I am the newest member of the Ramos fan club.

No shame, no shade, this goat is beautiful. No baaad news here folks!

h/t: Daily Mail