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VIDEO: Person Arms A Drone With Fireworks To Break Up A Noisy Party

Neighbors have the power to make or break your daily life. A good neighbor, who is quiet and takes care of their property, and might even collect your mail while you're away on vacation and not even open it, is an absolute angel. Unfortunately, they're also pretty rare.

But so, thankfully, are the very worst of neighbors, who just don't have any regard or respect for others or even their own property. It's not uncommon for neighbors who don't have any sense of common decency to find themselves embroiled in neighborhood wars.

Neighborhood wars seldom have a clear winner.

Even when it's clear who the jerk is, tearing down the street in the wee hours on a motorcycle, waking up everybody's kids, it's hard to contend with everybody's right to be a jerk.

But it's perfectly understandable that at some point, one of those neighbors will be sufficiently annoyed to try to do something about it.

Which brings us to a video making the rounds on the internet.

Instagram | @eulucasalbert

Apparently, one person had hit their breaking point with their neighbor's loud party and decided to do something to break it up, and they didn't just call the cops.

No, they got their drone out and strapped some Roman candles to it.

Going full shock and awe over a noisy party seems like a bit of an overreaction.

Instagram | @eulucasalbert

Not to mention that's it's probably illegal. However, it sure does seem to be effective at breaking up that block party.

It doesn't take long for folks to scatter after the flares start firing, and you can't blame them for not wanting to be hit by a rain of rockets.

With one neighbor establishing air superiority, this neighborhood war looks pretty well decided.

Instagram | @eulucasalbert

But there are few actual details known about the situation in the video, which has since been shared on pretty much every social media platform, racking up tons of views along the way.

As some media outlets have reported, the video was apparently shot in Brazil. But it also looks to have originated on the account of an Instagrammer, and some local media in Brazil are saying the video was staged.

In the original post, Instagrammer @eulucasalbert suggested it was more about not being invited to the party than loud noise.

"My friends did a barbecue on the street and they did not invite me look what I did with them kkkkkkkkk that trolling of nowhere ❤️ next week has war of wizards," the caption reads, translated from the original Portuguese.

But as Australia's 10 Daily reported, Brazilian news outlets have noted that "the owner of the joke is a famous Instagram influencer."

And if it is a social media PR stunt, it worked.

It's clearly a winner for entertainment value, although we have to hope that a) nobody actually got injured in the making of it, or b) gets ideas about ways to get revenge on their jerk neighbors from it and tries to re-create it.

Anyway, check out the full video below and see for yourself.

h/t 10 Daily