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A Random Woman On A Scooter Hilariously Photobombed A Wedding Party Shoot

Wedding photos have become arguably the most important part of the wedding day, and many wedding parties try to up the wedding photo game by doing fun and wild photoshoots. These photos often make for Instagram-worthy feeds, and of course, great memories to transcend the years and reminisce about.

I'm sure this groomsmen party didn't ever expect that a woman would come tearing through their photos on a scooter, but it definitely made for a great wedding memory.

During a groomsmen shoot in Omaha, Nebraska, a woman decided to hilariously rip through the party's shoot on a scooter.

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The photographer, Molly Giangreco (Molly B. Photography) posted the string of photos on Facebook in hopes to find out 'Scooter Girl's' real identity and show the woman the photos.

Molly said that the woman kept riding past the group fully enjoying herself while posing on the scooter.

Facebook | Molly B. Photography

Molly and the whole groomsmen part absolutely loved this epic photobomb, and tbh, so do we.

Less than an hour after the post was shared, Scooter Girl was found thanks to the viral hashtag #FindScooterGirl. She is 42-year-old Kenyatta Jefferson.

Facebook | Molly B. Photography

Jefferson told Yahoo Lifestyle, "I love jumping into people’s pictures and if the opportunity comes I take it. I’m there thinking to myself, ‘I’m going to photobomb this picture."

She continued, "I love doing spontaneous things and making people laugh. And this one happened to go viral."

Facebook | Molly B. Photography

The groomsmen loved it so much that they actually asked her to return to the photos.

“They were all saying, ‘Come back, come back!’ So, I zoomed around them again and they went cray and trying not to fall," she explained.

Jefferson is now calling herself Scooter Girl.

Facebook | Kenyatta Jefferson

I think we can all learn to be more spontaneous like Kenyatta, and maybe invest in a scooter for prime photobomb magic.