After Many Requests '13 Reasons Why' Edited A Majorly Controversial Scene

13 Reasons Why is a show that has received as much criticism as it has praise.

The show has allowed youths to speak out about their troubles, but there has also been a rise in suicide due to the graphic nature of the show.

'13 Reasons Why' started out as a book.

And it followed the same premise as season one of the show.

But the show didn't stop after a season. It has continued and depicts the life of the other characters.

The show includes a lot of scenes that are majorly disturbing.


This includes scenes of sexual violence and assault, self-harm, and a suicide scene.

In season one, we follow Katherine Langford's character Hannah.


She goes through a number of traumatic instances and ends up taking her own life because of it.

When she ends up taking her life, the creators made the scene extremely graphic.


Which, as you can imagine, can be extremely triggering for people who deal with thoughts of suicide.

But now, the creator of the show has made the decision to remove it.

After speaking to mental health care professionals, they thought it was a good idea to take it out.

Some people think they actually should have cut out more.

We cannot stress this enough: take care of yourself while watching the show.

As this tweet shows, there's a lot of triggering and traumatizing moments to be aware of.

But others think they should have left it in.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of opinions on the matter.

But what does the scene show now?

Now, the scene shows Hannah looking at her own reflection in the mirror.


And then it cuts to her parents' reaction to her death.

What do you think about this?

Do you think they made the smart move in removing the scene?

Let us know in the comments!