YouTube | David Weiller

Nature Photographer Captures The Stunning Camouflage Of An Insect

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: insects are not my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I think that insects are just as important as other living things in nature. But their unpredictability and weird little shelled bodies and long feelers just wig me out.

But even I can't deny that there are many stunning and majestic insects out there that even make me stop to really examine them, and nature photographer David Weiller captured one of those insects.

This crazy camouflaged insect is called the Lichen Katydid.

YouTube | David Weiller

David Weiller is the nature photographer that captured their magnificent camouflage.

They are found in Central American countries, like Costa Rica and Panama, and in South American countries, like Colombia and Ecuador.

This insect camouflages to the lichens on treetops that its named after.

YouTube | David Weiller

This insect is especially incredible because it doesn't just camouflage into the greenish-white color of the lichens — its spiky and stringy body and legs also mimic the hair-like branches of tree lichens, which gives the insects extra blending powers.

Make sure you watch the bug's whole little journey along the branch in David's YouTube video, because it's stunning to watch.