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Viral Video Shows Man Using Bare Feet To Swipe TV On Flight

There are a lot of things in life that are somehow simultaneously both great and terrible. Flying in a plane is one of those things.

Air travel can be super efficient, and honestly really exciting. I always get pumped up waiting in an airport because to me, it makes me feel fancy and important to be boarding a plane regardless of where I'm headed.

However, the cramped quarters of crowded plane cabins aren't a pleasurable experience, especially on longer flights. There's always going to be a sick guy; a crying baby; a woman with too much perfume; a dude who steals your arm rest.

Let's be real— most of us aren't flying first class.

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Which means we're sitting in those 3-seat sections where you're pretty much on a strangers lap, sharing as many germs as you would be if the two of you were sharing a bed.

There are two kinds of people on flights: those who have had a rando sleep on their shoulder, or those who fall asleep on a rando's shoulder. If you think you're neither, you're lying to yourself.

Planes are actual germ factories and don't you dare call me over dramatic.

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Those trays are actual cesspools and you don't even need one of those blue light hotel room sheet thingys to see it. Think about how many people touch them and how little time staff have to clean them before the next flights board.

One New York Times Best Selling Author shared a video on her Twitter of a rather disgusting flight experience.

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Alafair Burke is a crime novel writer with eighteen published books under her belt (impressive right?) meaning that her job in life is basically to bestow the truths of society upon us.

Recently, she shared a video that her friend (who doesn't have a twitter) sent her while on a flight, and oh boy does it reveal some dark societal truths.

The video shows a man swiping through his cabin TV with his bare feet.

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Yep, he's literally using his bare feet to choose options on the TV.

I thought having everyone's hands touch those things was gross enough, but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that someone would be touching it with THEIR. BARE. FEET.

It's high key scarier than anything Burke has ever written.

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He is definitely close enough to use his hands, but NOPE, he uses his BARE FEET INSTEAD.

I'm not the only one mad about this. I can't be. This is outrageous.

One twitter user brought up super model Naomi Campbell's germ-free flight routine.

Campbell shared that every time she gets on a plane, she has a surgical mask, disinfectant wipes, and rubber gloves in hand so that she doesn't come in contact with anything nasty.

This may seem over dramatic, but think about all that grossness circulating around in a plane cabin with a lot of people and zero air flow. I don't even want to know the kind of things floating around.

Even people who aren't normally concerned with germs are freaked out.

"I really look down on people who wipe everything down as fussy and overly concerned about germ exposure which is both unavoidable and unnecessary," one woman shares, "And right now, seeing this, I realize how wrong I've been."

Witness the horror for yourself.

Guess who is literally never touching one of those airplane cabin TV screens ever again as long as they live?????


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