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7+ Times Lindsay Lohan Had Literally Everybody Confused

Lindsay Lohan definitely has an interesting presence on social media.

Her comments often leave people confused, baffled, or even offended. Let's see all the weird stuff she's done on the internet.

The time she threatened to fire her staff over their shoes.

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Staff at her now-closed resort in Mykonos, Greece caught Lindsay's ire when they posted a picture on Instagram.

Why? Uh, their shoes didn't match. And that was a fireable offense in Lindsay land.

That time she needed stickers.

Huffington Post

Lindsay used to tweet and delete like nobody's business.

Which is upsetting, because I would very much like to make her tweets my business. She didn't even tag Chanel in the tweet. Girl, you gotta hustle harder than that!

That time she commented on Miley's selfie.

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Honestly? This level of confidence is a whole mood.

Anyway, "girls like us" is an interesting phrase. I know she clearly means "hot girls," but now I want to see, like, The Rock try that look out. Thoughts?

That time she hated Ariana's makeup.

Instagram | @theartofshade_

That time SHE was confused.

Instagram | @theperezhilton

I feel like they both have points here. Kim was being incredibly offensive by wearing cornrows, aka culturally appropriating yet again. I don't know if Lindsay knew that, but something clearly threw her off.

On the other, less offensive hand...what was up with that accent Lindsay was doing for a while?!

That time she just changed her accent on camera.

YouTube | Entertainment Tonight

Speaking of Lindsay's constantly changing accent...

I don't know if she expected us not to notice, but we absolutely did. She attributes it to acclimating to the places she's lived.


That time she needed to calm down.

Apparently, Taylor Swift's biggest fan is...Lindsay Lohan?

The whole point of Taylor's live stream was to respond to her fans, so who knows what Lindsay was thinking.

But hey guys: did you know Lindsay's mom was in Cats?

That time she forgot what social media platform she was on.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

I mean, who hasn't auto-imported their Facebook posts to Twitter?

Wait, you mean most people used to do the opposite, and their tweets would go to Facebook? Well, then explain this, you FBI agents.

Welcome to my Facebook page!

That time she decided to insult Zendaya.

I just do not understand why this was warranted.

Lindsay was so unhappy about Zendaya "ripping off" Claire Danes' Cinderella-inspired look that she decided to take to Instagram to comment on it.


That time she threatened CBS???

Instagram | @lindsaylohan

After her mom was voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, Lindsay took to Instagram to write, delete, and then deny writing the following:

"@cbs_bigbrother you suck and get no Valentine’s from @lohanbeachclub @mtv My mother is an AMAZING woman and she did so well."

She added: "The secrets she told me a few hours ago are going to #EXPOSE #YOUALL #dinalohan #dfwm."

That time she named a hurricane.

Sarcasm Society

Naming hurricanes is no longer the job of meteorologists, journalists, or scientists.

It is a job exclusively for Lindsay Lohan. I also want her to report the news exactly in this manner. Think positive.

That time she gave Trump advice.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

In response to an article about Trump's relationship with North Korea, Lindsay had some advice: slow down, and attract...bees with honey?

I guess there's no fly emoji, so that kind of makes sense.

That time she...did this.

I'm sorry to report that Instagram was not, in fact, in the replies to this Tweet.

Maybe she would have better luck contacting Instagram through...I don't know...Instagram? Something tells me verified accounts get special priority over there. Just a thought.

That time she shaded Emma Stone.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

I'm obsessed with this tweet. It either implies that she has no idea that Emma Stone is a person, or that she thinks the "w" interchangeable in "wtf" and can stand for "who."

Wtf is Emma Stone, indeed.

That time she randomly tweeted in Russian.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

If I hadn't taken this screenshot myself, I would fully believe it's fake.

But nope, Lindsay replied to a news agency in Russian. Roughly translated, it says "[expletive] that [expletive]." Helpful, I know.

That time she used her own tweet to reply to the Pope.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

Hey, remember one item back, when we both found out Lindsay tweets in Russian?

Well, she then quoted that tweet and sent it to the Pope. Guys, I really am so confused.

That time she was kinda mad at Amanda Bynes.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

The thing I'm puzzled over is why Lindsay is speaking like she's only been put in jail once.

Nah, but this was a confusing point for her to make. Amanda Bynes wound up in a ton of trouble. Maybe this was before that?

That time she roasted her own movie.

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That poor fan really admitted to watching that movie twice, and all she got for her trouble was being told that she shouldn't have done that by Lindsay herself.

That's rough.

That time she decided this kid wasn't worth her time.

Instagram | @theellenshow

Ellen posted a video of kid singer Celine Tam performing on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Something about that clearly didn't sit right with Lindsay, who commented "?" as if a kid singing was somehow...confusing? I guess?

That time she went off on about 10 different topics at once.

Twitter | @pray4mischa

It's likely that many of these instances stem from mental illness, or her alleged substance abuse.

It's hard to understand what happens inside her head, and posts like this just make it all the more confusing. And also sad.

That time she @-ed Twitter.


This is the equivalent of @-ing a police department, but all you tag is, like, the handle @police.

It does nothing, and people are mostly just confused. I wonder what Goose said?

That time she kinda tried to...kidnap a kid.

Lindsay live-streamed herself approaching a family that she identified as Syrian refugees.

When the mother of the two boys refused Lindsay's offer to take one of them to her hotel, Lindsay began speaking to them in Arabic.

The mother punched her in the face when she tried to grab one of the kids.

That time she wanted to collab.

Twitter | @lindsaylohan

Y'all...I would like to hear this collab. The sheer chaos of that many people on one track would be incredible.

Even if she meant individually, I still want to hear it. Also, I guess she's never heard of DMs?