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May I Have Your Attention: Corgis Are The Absolute Cutest Animals To Ever Exist

I'm so glad I have your attention, because this article is very important. We all need our daily dose of doggo, to be honest. It's like an immediate dose of dopamine.

So, you're welcome in advance for the cutest corgi compilation that I personally have ever laid my eyes on.

If Queen Lizzie herself is obsessed with corgis, then it must be a real thing.

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And it's not hard to see why she loves them so much.

As puppies, they're so cute.

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I would cuddle this dog all day if I could, but I guess a picture will do.

The absolute goodest boy!

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Look how smart they are! And not even fearful of a little crocodile. Well, maybe because it's a treat.

But moving along...

Alright, how am I supposed to NOT research corgi breeders after compiling this list of cute corgis?

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That's why I'm going to do that, right now.

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