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Hershey's Is Selling Caramel-Flavored Whipped Cream And Never Told Us

Long before the rest of the country knows about certain products, companies will choose small test markets to see if they're worth releasing on a national scale.

I've actually lived in one of these places and while we were never explicitly told why we were so lucky, we think we might have figured it out. The area is not interested in trying new things to an honestly pretty grumpy extent, so if a new product is a hit there, it'll probably be a hit everywhere.

So if there's a reason besides local grumpiness why Hershey's decided to show something delicious to an undisclosed town in Wisconsin before the rest of us can even see it, I'm sure I don't know it.

If you were to check the Hershey's website for caramel whipped topping, you probably wouldn't find anything.

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As Insider reported, you might find a milk chocolate whipped cream and one modeled after Reese's peanut butter cups, but no caramel.

However, that's exactly what Instagram user @candyhunting found at a Woodman's location in Wisconsin.

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They said it was selling for about $3.19 a bottle and the people in their comments couldn't wait until it spread nationwide.

Of course, since Hershey's themselves haven't made any information available about this product, we don't know if it'll be weeks or months before we see it.

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For what it's worth, the topping apparently tastes "pretty good," so we shouldn't be too disappointed.

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