Unsplash | Jeff Sheldon

12+ Times People Cleverly Repurposed Things

I'm always super impressed when people successfully repurpose items and make something really cool and interesting out of them. I mean, why throw something away to just fill the landfills if you can totally make it work?

The following people did just that and what they created will blow you away.

1. Believe it or not, this building was made using old shipping containers. Wow, that is one creative way to reuse materials to make something so useful. I'm speechless.

Reddit | u/Zaphoid411

2. Apparently, at this parking lot during the weekends, the school buses are parked at a 45-degree angle to 'save' space. That is one clever way to do so.

Reddit | u/bioknockout

3. Speaking of school busses this awesome bus shelter was created by using an old school bus. That's so amazing. Not only is it clever, but it's so useful too.

Reddit | u/budonka

4. I miss those old fashioned phone booths, but I get it nobody really uses them anymore. Here, it's been repurposed in the most fun way as a library.

Reddit | u/stthicket

5. And speaking of old phone booths, they don't just have to be totally disassembled and thrown away. They can be reused to be made into phone charging stations.

Reddit | u/theslob

6. Did you know these small alcohol bottles are called nips? I had no idea. Anywho, here they've been repurposed as salt and pepper shakers. This is super cool.

Reddit | u/hernerrrrr

7. This is the most interesting and useful way to repurpose an old piano if I've ever seen one. This shelf is giving me some serious decor envy. I want one bad.

Reddit | u/navigonnutzer

8. If you're an axe murderer and have a lot of these lying around, you can just make a coat hanger out of them. Just kidding! But how interesting?

Reddit | u/IDontFeel24YearsOld

9. I never would have thought to repurpose my old Patron tequila bottle and turn it into a cute soap dispenser. How neat is this? I love this idea.

Reddit | u/DrBearcut

10. Who could have thought you can use old tires to use as planters in your garden? This is such an awesome green thumb idea. I would totally do this.

Reddit | u/LostinAU

11. It's amazing what creative people can do with old musical instruments. First the piano shelf, and now this old guitar light fixture. This is such a unique idea.


12. I love when new owners keep the integrity of the old building. This bank was repurposed into a restaurant and the vault is the door to the men's room.

Reddit | u/Ritzyb

13. How is this for an unusual sight? This local Kelsey's bar has urinals made out of old repurposed beer kegs. Wow, that's taking a pee in style.

Reddit | u/Bullfist

All these cleverly repurposed items are making me want to keep all my nick-knacks and perhaps make something nifty out of them. I just have to think of an idea.