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Man Dresses As Batman To Save Animals From Euthanasia And Find Them Homes

I can't say I remember what it was like to find out the truth about Santa Claus, but I doubt I took it as hard as when I found out that superheroes weren't real.

Even though this realistically meant there was only a slight chance of Spider-Man helping me if I was in trouble if he actually existed, that chance went straight down to zero once I hit that age.

But although there aren't really superheroes with actual powers patrolling the streets, there are a few extraordinary people who are taking up their mantle to do some good in the world.

And one Florida man is seriously dedicated to the way he does it.

Our Caped Crusader is 27-year-old Chris Van Dorn, a vegan who always had time for the excellent Batman Animated Series as a child.

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As he told Today, "I liked that Batman was mysterious and stood for a symbol that was incorruptible and stood for good. I really admired that."

So he leaned heavily on that inspiration when he founded his nonprofit organization, Batman4Paws, back in 2018.

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Through this platform, he rescues cats and dogs from shelters where they might otherwise be put down and arranges for forever homes, foster homes, and other places where they can be safe.

And once he's done that legwork, he personally drives the rescue animal all the way to those who agree to take them in.

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As he said, "I’m just trying to do the best I can in the time I’ve got to help as many 'puppers' find their homes — and cats, too. Any animal in need, honestly."

And Van Dorn's mission can end up resulting in some long, hot days.

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As Today reported, one rescue had him driving four dogs from Florida all the way to Vermont and then dropping off two more dogs in North Carolina soon after.

What's especially impressive is that he's doing all of this with just a Honda Accord.

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He is hoping to get a van or an RV to transport the animals more easily, but that will take a particularly generous donation.

As for how he stays cool wearing the Batman outfit in the Florida heat, he said it boils down to, "air conditioning, ice packs and a lot of determination."

Although the animals Van Dorn transports have never seen Batman before, most of them quickly warm up to the suit all the same.

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That's because he keeps dog treats in the suit. Even so, he was nervous about how his first rescue, Balto, would react to his costume.

As you can see, Balto was perfectly happy to sit up front with him.

Van Dorn has some ambitious dreams for how he wants Batman4Paws to develop.

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In addition to working as an audio engineer and staying committed to his mission, he also earned his pilot's license and volunteered with Pilots 4 Paws to fly animals to where they need to be.

Not only that, but Van Dorn has deputized his own dog, Mr. Boots to help others.

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Mr. Boots recently passed a therapy dog test, so Van Dorn is planning to bring him along to hospital visits as Batman and Robin.

As he said, "I’ve got a lot on my plate, but it’s worth it. You get back what you put out. It’s just really gratifying."

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