Viral Video Shows Dad Teaching Toddler How To Load Gun To Calm Child Down

As parents, we like to think that we would do absolutely anything to help calm our children down when they are upset.

But obviously within reason, right? Part of parenting is also knowing when to prioritize a child's safety over their satisfaction, and to take them out of dangerous situations, even if they want to put themselves into them.

These decisions may be difficult because it is hard to see our children upset, but they are ultimately for the best. Otherwise, we could be putting a young person's life at risk.

Adarsh Upadhyay was on vacation with his young son when a video of the two of them inside a car sparked outrage.


While driving through Nainital hill station in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, the school trustee was trying to calm his 18-month-old son down, but did so in an unconventional way.

He handed his toddler a revolver and began to show him how to load the bullets.


The toddler looked at it as if it were a toy, placing the bullets inside. His father can then be seen closing the chamber.

The toddler than points the loaded gun directly into his own face.


His finger hovers over the trigger, all the while his father is filming.

Thankfully, the child was no injured, but one wrong move and he could have easily been killed.

After the video went viral, Uttarakhand received a large amount of criticism towards his parenting.


The video garnered so much negative attention that Uttarakhand was forced to post a second video issuing an apology.

"I have done a wrong thing," he says, "I didn’t understand the gravity of the act."

"I made a mistake, I know no one should behave like this with their child."

Facebook | Mumbai Mirror

Unfortunately, the apology fell upon deaf ears. Commentors expressed their horror in swarms, especially those from North America.

"This child needs to be taken away from this disaster of a father," one person writes, "And the father needs to be charged for being stupid!"

Others had a more personal perspective to contribute.

"I grew up with guns in my house," one woman shares, "And my dad made sure I knew not to touch them, and when I got old enough, how to use them under his supervision."

"This is beyond messed up."

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Even those who normally took a pro-gun stance expressed their distaste:

"I do support educating your children about guns," one person wrote, "But I think this is beyond the norm. Toddlers are known for being clumsy. Better safe than sorry dad!"

Watch the viral video for yourself.

Has the video garnered an over-reaction, or is it truly as dangerous and commentors make it out to be?

h/t: Mumbai Mirror