Lou Ferrigno Of 'The Incredible Hulk' Isn't A Fan Of Ruffalo's Hulk: "I Can't Take Him Seriously"

What? Lou Ferrigno, the guy who was on the show where they changed Dr. Banner's name from Bruce to David because Bruce sounded "too gay-ish" can't take this new Hulk seriously?

Well, this I gotta see!

So we all love the Hulk.


Or, at least, I do.

He's come a long way in the Marvel universe. I mean, watching this character grow over the years has been quite the journey, and I'm happy about the destination.

It starts (at least for me)...


In the early 2000s, with that Ang Lee movie that starred Eric Bana.

All I can tell you is that Sam Elliott was in it and that Hulk was, as he always was, a rage monster that breaks stuff.

And then we got the Edward Norton movie.


Where he was, you guessed it, a rage monster that breaks stuff.

I didn't see it, but it's very known that the behind-the-scenes drama was more exciting than the movie.

But then something happened...


After Norton got the big Hulk-sized boot, Mark Ruffalo took over the role for The Avengers.

And suddenly, near the end of the movie, even though he was a rage monster that broke stuff...

Hulk told a couple of jokes.


He had that "Hulk smash" smile, he had the "puny god" line, he had the time where he punched Thor.

Suddenly, Hulk wasn't a one-note character anymore. He could be funny.



We go through a couple of Avengers movies, but then suddenly Thor: Ragnarok comes out and Hulk is the highlight of the movie.

He's being funny, he's loving his life as the Champion of Sakaar, etc, etc.

After that we got Professor Hulk.


This was a great direction to take the character if you want my opinion.

He's gone from rage monster who smashes things to a smart, well-developed character who has the capacity to smash things.



Listen my millennial brethren and... er... sisteren.

Did you know that in the far off time known as... the 1980s (I believe this was the time before the mythical 90s) there was another Hulk TV series?

I know!


And it wasn't on Netflix or anything, it was on this thing called cable. Do you know those TVs in sports bars that play the NBA?

They're running off cable, if you can believe that.

So this show starred Bill Bixby as Dr. David Banner.


And they changed his name for the dumbest reason, which deserves a mentioning.

They thought the original name was too gay.

It starred this big dude named Lou Ferrigno.


Whenever David would get angry, he would turn into Lou Ferrigno painted in green.

I assume Lou would go around smashing all sorts of stuff.

So Lou Ferrigno was asked about his favorite Hulk at Montreal Comic Con.


And let's just say he had some criticism for the current Hulk.

Get ready to get defensive...

What did he say?


When he was asked about his favorite Hulk, he responded:

"I like Bill Bixby the best, I like Edward Norton. But Ruffalo — I think he’s a wonderful actor, he blends in with the Marvel aspect of the Avengers — but I can’t take him seriously enough,”

So he doesn't like it.


And honestly, I can see it.

Disney has a tendency to make a lot of things pretty light, and if you liked Hulk as a rage-fueled thing destroyer, you probably won't like how silly he's become.

What do you think?


Who's your favorite Hulk? Edward Norton? Mark Ruffalo? Lou Ferrigno?

Oh no... it's not Eric Bana, is it? I don't even think Eric Bana's favorite Hulk is Eric Bana, to be honest...