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Pippa Middleton Came Dangerously Close To A Wardrobe Malfunction And It's Relatable AF

The Duchess of Cambridge's sister, Pippa Middleton, almost had a wardrobe malfunction, but her cat-like reflexes were able to save the day and it's the most relatable thing we've seen on the internet in a while.

Celebrities are no strangers to the infamous "wardrobe malfunction".

It's a tale as old as time.

They're used to it, we're used to hearing about it — some of us hardly bat an eye at it anymore.

Just for fun, let's peer into the past at some of the most famous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions in history.

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Like, Janet Jackson's 2004 Super Bowl nip-slip.


The time both of Nicki Minaj's boobs fell out of her shirt during a live performance.

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While Nicki was performing her hit song "Superbass" on live television, jumping up and down for the better part of the song, she looked down and realized that both of her boobs had completely fallen out of her top.

She laughed at herself, adjusted her top, and carried on as if nothing happened — which I have mad respect for.

The same thing happened to Cardi B at the 2017 VMAs.

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Her dress slipped down onstage — nearly exposing her left boob. But she caught it (literally) just in time and continued to perform.

When Rosamund Pike's dress split open on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon".

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While appearing as a guest on the show, Rosamund realized as she sat down that the back of her dress had completely split open.

Jimmy tried to put her mind at ease by saying “I won’t look,” and “I’m not even wearing pants!”

Thankfully, she was able to laugh the whole thing off and carefully finish the interview.

The time Kanye West lost his pants?

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Yeah, this is a weird one.

Back in 2012, after a dinner date with his now-wife, Kim Kardashian, Kanye seemed to have lost his pants — revealing his upper thigh to the paparazzi.

The time Sarah Hyland's Spanx were featured on the red carpet.

Sarah posted a few shots of herself in a cut-out dress on Instagram — with her Spanx peeking out around her waistline. But she totally owned it.

She captioned the photo "Kickstarting fall off with a PSL dress and a splash of spanx".

The time Ashley Tisdale's "gel petals" stole the show.

After photos of Ashley Tisdale surfaced that displayed her gel pasties through her shirt, she posted it on Instagram alongside a photo of the nipple-covers.

"When you're feelin yourself but your Gel Petals wanna steal the show," she captioned the post.

The time Dakota Johnson nearly lost her top accepting a People's Choice Award.

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Moments after accepting a PCA, Dakota's top ripped open as she gave Leslie Mann a hug.

"Leslie just broke my dress. Well, it's not like nobody here hasn't already seen my boobs," she joked.

When a gust of wind blew Elizabeth Olson's skirt up.

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Just as she was strolling up to a high-fashion event in Paris, the wind very rudely decided to give the paparazzi a show.

Anyway, back to the woman of the hour, Pippa Middleton.

Her near-wardrobe-malfunction wasn't quite as scandalous as many others we've seen, but it's definitely relatable AF.

Pippa attended Wimbledon with her husband, James Matthews, wearing a yellow, floral, midi wrap-dress.

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The dress was super cute — but probably not the most practical to wear on a windy day.

A strong gust of wind nearly blew the slit in her dress wide open — exposing her underwear.

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But luckily, Pippa was able to react quickly and pull the dress back into place and awkwardly smile hoping nobody saw what had just happened.

I think everyone who has ever worn a dress on a windy day can relate this epic save.

If her reaction was even slightly delayed, her entire day could have been ruined!

Pippa dodged a serious bullet!

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Pippa wears dresses pretty regularly, so I'm guessing she is somewhat of a pro when it comes to avoiding these sorts of malfunctions.

Pippa: 1

Wind: 0