'American Horror Story': Everything Super Fans Need To Know About Season 9

American Horror Story is on the way, and fans are super pumped.

The horror show stole our hearts with its amazing storytelling and a fantastic cast.

But what's in store for season 9? Keep reading to find out!



So after the rollercoaster that was American Horror Story: Apocalypse, it's time that we toss our socks back on and get ready for the future of the series.

But what is it?

We know that the series is called 'American Horror Story: 1984'.

So from that, we can deduce that it will be taking place in 1984.

I can't wait to see all the cool costumes they probably have in store.

In fact, we can already see from the trailer how good it will look.


Look at that suit! It looks out of this world amazing.

But it's about more than just the costumes.


I have even more information about the newest season of American Horror Story.

I promise I won't waste your time any longer.

Let's talk about some predictions.


Based on the title and the teaser, you can probably tell that this newest series is going to be based on some '80s slasher movies.

Think 'Friday the 13th', 'Nightmare On Elm Street', and 'Cardiac Arrest'.


And besides, '80s nostalgia is all the rage these days ahem, Stranger Things, ahem.

I should probably hit you with the bad news as soon as possible.


It seems that Evan Peters, who has been in the 8 previous AHS seasons, will be sitting this one out.

I have some more bad news.


It seems that Sarah Paulson won't be given a starring role in the series.

I know, I know, but don't worry: they haven't ruled out a cameo.

Now for some good news.

For starters, it seems that Olympic gold medalist Gus Kenworthy will be joining us for the new season.

Which role, you ask?

Instagram | @mrrpmurphy

Well, sources say that he'll be playing Emma Roberts' boyfriend.

Which, you know, obviously means that Emma Roberts is also going to be coming back, which is always good news.

We also have a bunch more returning cast members.


This includes Cody Fern, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, and John Carroll Lynch.

Which is great, because for a second I thought we were going to lose everybody!

It seems that John Carroll Lynch, aka Twisty The Clown, will be returning.


He will play one of the new season's villains.

No one knows what kind of villain he is, but I'm sure it'll be spooky.

And now let's talk newcomers.


We've got Matthew Morrison, aka Mr. Schuester from Glee, and DeRon Horton from Dear White People.

Oh yeah, and we've got Angelica Ross from the show Pose joining as well.

As for the teaser...

Why don't you check it out? I have to warn you though, it is pretty spooky.

So make sure you turn on your bedside lamp or the thing under your bed will grab you.

All in all...


It looks like it's gearing up to be a pretty darn good season. I can tell you this, AHS fans, I'm pretty darn excited for it. I love '80s slashers, as I'm sure you do as well!

I can guarantee the thing under your bed does too.