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Mac & Cheese Pringles Are Officially Back And Nothing Else Matters

There's a reason why mac & cheese is considered to be a comfort food. After all, there's just something so comfy about sidling up to a steaming hot bowl of cheesy noodles, sticking a fork (or spoon, depending on your preference) into all that orange goodness, and just diving in.

That being said, my love for good ol' mac has made me a little hesitant towards products that attempt to give you that delicious macaroni and cheese flavor without the actual macaroni or cheese parts.

Ever heard of mac & cheese candy canes? Well, now you have and I'm so sorry about that.

Archie McPhee

See that "candy" up there? That's exactly why I have trust issues. No one should have ever combined "mac & cheese" and "candy" in any way, shape, or form.

So believe me when I say I don't take mac & cheese flavored products lightly. That's why you should also trust me when I say these Pringles are everything.

Mac & cheese-flavored Pringles are back in grocery stores and they're better than ever.

Spotted on shelves by Instagram user @JunkFoodAisle, we have official confirmation that the best flavor of Pringles are available for purchase once again.

You might remember these first being introduced by the potato chip company way back atThanksgiving time in 2017. They came, they saw, they conquered, and then they tragically left us again.

Thankfully, Pringles has reintroduced these delicious chips back into our lives and I personally don't know how to thank them.

The particular batch that TJFA pictured were found at a Dollar General, but it can be assumed that most grocery stores will carry them, as well. Until we know for sure, you can at least rest easy knowing your local DG likely stocks them, if no where else.

It's unclear how long these beauties will be around for, if they've been released nationally.

There hasn't been any official announcement given from Pringles themselves. We also don't know if this means they'll be releasing even more limited-edition holiday flavors from the past.

For now, I'd suggest everyone keep their eyes peeled and take a trip down the potato chip aisle the next time they hit the grocery store. You never know, you might find a beautiful blue canister of mac & cheesy goodness.

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