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Mischievous Puppy Escapes From Home And Then Rings Doorbell To Get Back Inside

If you've ever had a dog wander off from home, you know just how terrifying of an experience can be, especially if they're new to your family or if they're a puppy. In both cases, there's no real assurance that they'll be able to find their way back home again.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, so it's certainly not impossible for them to use their trusty snouts as a sort of GPS.

But even if that helps them get home, they can't exactly use those snoots to open a door. Or can they?

One mischievous little puppy realized that in fact, he can. Technically speaking, of course. And it was all caught on video.

A golden retriever puppy named Marshall somehow managed to escape from his home in Spokane, Washington.

Perhaps eager to taste a life free of leashes, or simply in the mood to go for a little solo stroll, this pupper took off on his own, leaving his family distraught without a clue as to where their precious dog may have gone.

However, life on the road didn't turn out to be as free or as wonderful as little Marshall probably figured it would be.

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That, or he realized that his kibble bowl is still at home and his owners are the ones who make sure it's consistently kept full.

Either way, Marshall decided the leash-less life wasn't for him.

He found his way back to his house, ready to greet his family and receive all the love and attention he was missing during his brief stint as a street dog.

There was just one teeny-tiny problem: he came home at nighttime, the door was closed, and there was no one in sight to let him inside.

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Definitely not the homecoming he was hoping for.

Rather than spend the night sitting in shame on the porch and thinking about the consequences of his actions, Marshall figured his best bet would be to do something to get his humans' attention. But how?

As seen in the home security footage, first he gives the door bell a few test sniffs, just as a precaution.

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When he decides it's safe to touch, he begins booping the bell with his nose and pawing at it, never giving up on his pursuit to alert his humans of his grand return home.

Check out the full video of this adorable dog's plight below.

Eventually, Marshall's owner, Greg Basel, comes to the door and rescues his pooch from a night spent sulking at the door.

Thankfully, because technology is a beautiful thing, the whole scene was captured on Greg's Nest doorbell camera, so we get to see for ourselves just how determined and surprisingly intuitive this puppy was to get back inside his home.

How could you be mad at THAT face though?

I'm sure, despite whatever worry Marshall put Greg through, he just couldn't be mad at his little dog, especially after the video of his return went viral online. That's one smart puppy!

I think we'll all be keeping a closer eye on man's best friend from now on.

But we'll also always be there to save them from their own 'intelligence'.

Love you pooch!

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