15+ Things We Bet You've Probably Never Seen Before

The world is full of so much stuff. Some of it is beautiful, some is scary, some is just plain cool.

There's no way for one person to have seen even the most minuscule portion of all the things in the world, but the internet has allowed us to see more than ever.

Some of these images are mundane things from a different angle and some are totally unusual. All are pretty darn interesting.

On July 4 and 5, 2019, Southern California experienced two major earthquakes.

Reddit | NavdeepSinghThind

This aerial image of the Searles Valley was taken soon after and shows how much the ground shifted. The dirt track is now offset by almost eight feet.

This is a soccer pitch inside a massive salt mine.

Reddit | avin_timilsina

Romania has many salt mines and those that are no longer in operation haven't been left empty. Instead, they've been converted into tourist attractions, places of worship, and even medical centers. The salty air is good for those with asthma or other lung complaints.

Earth is the brightest "star" in Mars' sky.

Reddit | sezar4321

You may or may not be able to pick out Mars on a clear night. The time of year, light pollution, and other factors can really make it tough sometimes.

But on Mars, Earth is always easy to find.

Auto Polo was a sport that didn't last very long.

Reddit | kevinowdziej

I suppose that in the age where cars were just starting to replace horses, it isn't surprising to learn that the classic equestrian sport also got a motorized update.

Also unsurprising is that it was unsafe and cost a fortune to keep the cars repaired.

You know the wood floors in the velodromes used for indoor cycling? They can splinter.

Reddit | AwakeFace

Lorenzo Gobbo was riding in the Junior and U23 European Track Championships when a multi-rider crash occurred. A pedal hit the floor just right (wrong?) to cause a huge splinter to break away and impale Gobbo.

He was rushed to hospital and should recover fully.

Getting hit by lightning really leaves a mark.

Reddit | Im-A-Scared-Child

Besides looking kind of cool, scars left from lightning strikes also show you the exact route the electricity took to reach the ground.

This is what Times Square would look like if we had real life ad-blockers.

Imgur | brassrhino

There's so much advertising that it can just meld together into a big blob of color and light, but if you take away every billboard and screen, it's a stark example of how much there really is.

Not all chicken eggs are white or brown.

Reddit | KingPZe

Araucana chickens from Chile lay blue eggs that look more like what you imagine robins to lay rather than poultry.

Seeing this old bank vault being demolished makes all those movies seem unrealistic.

Reddit | Dasgerman1984

Like, the amount of explosives required to clear away all those bars would probably be pretty impractical.

So does this mean the duck got the last laugh... quack?

Reddit | kyletoews

This grisly end was discovered by a kids' baseball coach. So that must have been an eventful game.

Most sucker punches happen too quickly to see the moment of impact.

Reddit | 1kLord

Either this is an incredibly lucky shot or it's a frame from a video, but either way, it's obvious that the victim had no idea it was coming. She's still mid-clap.

I've had eggs with little spots of blood in them, but never anything like this.

Reddit | KentuckysGentleman

The almost ying-yang shape the whites created is neat, but that much blood would definitely leave me craving toast instead.

This looks boring at first, but it's actually the first ever photo of quantum entanglement.

Reddit | Aditya0502

Entanglement is when two particle become linked, regardless of how far apart they physically are. What happens to one will always happen to the other.

This looks like a pretty industrial ceiling of some sort, but it isn't.

Reddit | horosioa

It's actually the undercarriage of a Tesla and gives a really clear example of how different they really are from the cars we know.

All pets need exercise, right?

Reddit | WinkWink-23

So why shouldn't this guy's pet crab? I really wish there was video of this so we could see if the crab enjoys his walkies sideways.

This crane game has a strange idea of what kids would want to win.

Reddit | GrlRcr

Most of them are pretty standard, generic monsters, animals, or mascots, but for some reason a plush horse's head from The Godfather is something that exists.

Look at this incredible shot of a lightning strike!

Reddit | KingPZe

It's totally scary to think about being in a plane next to that, but it's actually quite safe. Planes are built to withstand lightning strikes and they don't provide the route to the ground the energy is seeking.

The people who live in this house have set the bar for curb appeal.

Reddit | Remnant16

That's a paint job and a half. You could stand outside for an hour just staring at it, trying to figure it out.

Now there's a sweaty palms moment.

Reddit | hunterspike

This ship managed to reel in an unexpected extra with its anchor, snagging an unexploded torpedo. Yikes.

Cats come with plenty of different colorings, but waves?

Reddit | Ainsleyyy27

Even in all the cat videos we've seen on the internet, and that's a lot, we've never seen totally tubular waves like that on a cat.

You know it's hot when...

Reddit | uazaa

Yeah, that's roofing tar that has melted in the sun and run down the gutter. Glad it's not my mess to clean up!

This is a caterpillar. No, I'm not joking.

It will become a Niepelt's Eyed Silkmoth.

There is another viral photo of one of these guys that's beautiful, but the photographer admits to having tweaked the colors. But this pic proves it didn't need much.

Probably a niche item, but this watch has a lot going on.

Reddit | JackofHearts-odb

If you religiously follow your daily horoscope, you'd love it because it shows the positions of the constellations above you down to the minute.

This purple rice contains no dye or food coloring.

Reddit | nizro911

And even though it's a deep, Grimace purple, if anything, it has gotten lighter in cooking, as it starts out black.

If you're from Malaysia, you probably have seen this before.

Reddit | Nakatsukasa

Otherwise, this green bread made with an infusion of a fragrant leaf called pandan is probably new to you.

This cane toad is massive!

Reddit | C_Chris77

Like, seriously, he's nearly as big as my dog. According to the person sharing the pic, it's actually only a little larger than average.

Well, this is awkward.

Reddit | PhotofitSG

Definitely an unambiguous message from the bathroom scale here, but the safety glass its made from has done its job, not cutting up the poor person's feet.

One die, two rolls.

Reddit | iheartdna

By having a smaller die inside, you can roll just the one instead of a pair of dice, which is pretty neat.

I wouldn't trust it to be perfectly "fair", but assuming you don't play Settlers of Catan with hardcore gamers, it'll do.

Usually henna tattoos aren't forever.

Reddit | MVe46

However, this person got a henna tattoo of Deadpool and it became permanent after chemically burning them and leaving a scar.

These trees probably should have fallen by now.

Reddit | sanyam303

But because they fell into each other, they're holding each other up. What are the odds?