Mom Arrested For Filming Daughter Lick Tongue Depressor And Put It Back In Jar

I don't expect a lot of things out of this society. I tend to keep my standards low in all ways so that I'm always either correct, or pleasantly surprised. However, I need to get something off my chest. I have one itty bitty little favor to ask.

Can we PLEASE, for the love of ALL that is HOLY on this earth and BEYOND, STOP LICKING RANDOM THINGS???

For some reason that is just beyond me, people keep licking things that just really have no business being touched by some random person's dirty tongue.

I know that we've gotten to the point in which we're completely desensitized to even the wildest of national news, but this is something we need to talk about. Tell your friends. Your parents. Your kids. Your lovers. Your enemies. Your congress representatives.

This 'licking random stuff and putting it back' trend is not only getting real old real fast, but is just genuinely not okay.

What is anyone even getting out of these weird crimes?

I'm calling them crimes because tampering with a consumer product without consideration of harm or death is a second degree felony worthy of jail time.

I'm not pulling these complaints out of nowhere my peeps—I'm giving you a legitimate warning.

All this started with the ice cream licking girl.

Twitter | @Blindesetu

This Texan was featured in a now viral video in which she opened a Tin Roof Blue Bell ice cream container, licked it, and put it back on the shelf, presumably so that some other customer would come along and unwittingly buy the contaminated treat.

The #IceCreamChallenge, as it's known on Twitter, sees people share the ways they're now buying ice cream to avoid contamination.

While the online memes this challenge has inspired are indeed quite funny, the sad reality is that this is something people actually have to think about now when buying something as enjoyable as ice cream.

Before, you just picked whatever flavor you want. Now you're left wondering if it's ever worth buying a tub if it runs the risk of you eating something someone's licked.

While the girl in the original video likely believed this was just some harmless, disgusting stunt, there are serious repercussions for stuff like this.

Unsplash | Emiliano Bar

In fact, before it was discovered that the girl in the video is a minor, she could've been sentenced to 20 years in prison for that. Still think it's funny?

Unfortunately, she has inspired numerous copycats, who seem to not understand that they can and probably will be sentenced to jail time.

The newest copycat video was filmed by a mother in a Florida doctor's office.

Action News Jax

Cori Ward claims that she "wasn't thinking" when she posted a video to Snapchat of her daughter sitting on a doctor's examination table, tampering with medical supplies.

The video shows her daughter licking a tongue depressor and place it back in the jar.

Action News Jax

About Kids and Families Medical Center immediately contacted the authorities and released a statement regarding the sanitation of their facility:

"We were notified yesterday that a patient had violated our trust," the statement reads. "Upon notification of this isolated incident, we contacted law enforcement to request a full and thorough investigation."

"We immediately removed all materials and containers from the specific exam room and re-sanitized our entire facility."

Action News Jax

"This type of behavior is not tolerated at All About Kids and Families Medical Center," the statement continues, "Each year, we serve thousands of patients, and providing quality care and ensuring their safety is our top priority."

After the video was spread around on Twitter, Ward began receiving death threats from strangers.

Action News Jax

"It's horrible," Ward stated, "I'm scared for my kids."

She denies any allegations that her daughter was participating in the viral licking challenge.

The 30-year-old has since been arrested by Jacksonville authorities.

Action News Jax

The Sheriff's Office released their own statement, explaining that Ward is facing a charge of "tampering with consumer product without regard for possible death/bodily injury."

Watch the incident in question for yourself.

Do you think Ward is telling the truth when she says that the video had nothing to do with the licking challenge, or is this just another copycat?

h/t: Yahoo Lifestyle