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Gather The Gang Because Pottery Barn Is Releasing A 'Friends' Home Decor Collection

The beloved television show Friends left a significant mark on pop culture, to say the least. Many of us still discuss and reminisce about famous scenes and lines from the show — that's how relatable the gang was.

But one thing we all loved about the show was their cozy New York apartments, and now you'll be able to own some pieces from the iconic set for yourself!

Get your calendars out because Pottery Barn is releasing their "Friends" home decor line on July 30.

That's right. The home decor company is celebrating the show's 25th anniversary in style.

While there's already "Friends" merch out there in the world, you can now really experience what living like the cast might be like.

Their New York City apartments are like a late '90s dream to me.

For die-hard "Friends" fans, this collaboration makes a lot of sense.

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Pottery Barn is really weaving in "The One with the Apothecary Table" episode from the sitcom.

Don't quite remember? Let me refresh your memory.

It's a good one, so grab your popcorn.

Rachel buys an apothecary table from Pottery Barn, and that seems all fine and well.

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It's a gorgeous vintage apothecary table, and I can see why Rachel couldn't turn it down.

Now, Pheobe hates Pottery Barn.

She hates anything that's mass produced in chain stores because they lose authenticity and uniqueness.

Rachel, on the other hand, is a little obsessed with the home decor store.

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When Ross visits her, she begins listing off the names of the items from Pottery Barn that she has.

He even jokes, "I didn't know there was a Pottery Barn up here!"

Because Rachel knows how mad Pheobe would get if she knew where the table was from, she lies to her.

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She tells her it's from a flea market.

And thus, "the days of yore" was born.

Unfortunately, Rachel's white lie fires back on her.

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Her and Pheobe unfortunately walk by a Pottery Barn window display, and she notices that the display looks very familiar — it looks like items in their own apartment!

Pheobe is obviously not very happy.

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But, to Rachel's and all of our surprise, Pheobe wants the lamp that they don't have!

She makes up a hilarious excuse that Rachel would move out if she didn't by the lamp.

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"Then I don't have a choice, I have to buy that lamp!"

Leave it to Pheobe to still think that the apothecary table is an antique.

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So, of course Pottery Barn actually had to bring the table back in honor of the episode!

They're also going to be releasing other limited edition items that are yet to be revealed.

You can't shop yet, but you can sign up to get notified by e-mail when it all launches on the 30th.

They're also going to be releasing other limited edition items that are yet to be revealed.

It wouldn't be a celebration without a contest!

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One lucky winner will be given $1000 Pottery Barn shopping spree and flown to Los Angeles to check out the Warner Bros. Deluxe Tour with one friend.

So make sure you enter because that sounds like a literal dream.

I sure can't wait to check out what else will be featured in the collection.

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I already have my credit card out in anticipation!

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