10+ Mistakes In 'Mulan' Disney Fans Missed

With the new live-action movie coming out, I think we should get together and point out all the tiny little mistakes of the first animated version.

You know, like real fans do.

Cricket's feet


So at one point, Cricket is typing a letter for Mushu and he puts ink all over his tiny little cricket feet.

However, when he wipes his feet on the table later, there's no ink on them.

More Ink Mistakes


Or should I said Mistinks! No, no I shouldn't.

Anyways, the Matchmaker grabs Mulan's hand and it's covered in ink, then she paints a goatee on her face. However, when she grabs the teapot, no ink rubs off.

Simplified Chinese


So, at one point Mulan reads the Final Admonition and then reads some of it off her arm, and it is written in Simplified Chinese.

Which, considering it's based in China, should be fine...



For the fact that Simplified Chinese wasn't created until the 1950s by what I assume were Commies.

Anyways, she should've been using traditional Chinese, unless of course, Mulan takes place in the 50s.

Mulan's Hair


So in the scene where Mulan ties up her hair after she has cut it, she just ties a ribbon around it and pulls.

It stays up, but it shouldn't. It really should just fall through.

The Conscription Notice


At the beginning of the movie, Fa Zhou gets the conscription notice and it's like, super long.

However, throughout the rest of the movie, the size of the thing changes constantly.

Chien-Po Is Falling Down


Falling down, falling down.

Ahem. So there's a scene where he falls down on a bunch of people, forcing them to fall down as well and spill their rice. The trick is that there was no rice in those bowls.

Great Stone Dragon


Alright, so there's a point and time when Mushu is holding the Great Stone Dragon's head.

However, it looks different than when the statue was whole. Hm... a magic statue, perhaps?



There's a scene where Mulan wipes the makeup off her face, which should smudge it but totally doesn't.

Anyways, she hardly even goes close to her eyes, and yet when she's done there's no makeup on them.

Speaking of which...


When she wipes the makeup from her face, we soon see that there isn't any residue on her sleeve after she's done so!

I guess the animators for Mulan don't really know how makeup works.

Yao's Post Slide


During the training montage, Yao slides down the post and takes some of the wood off with his teeth.

In future shots, that pole is completely intact. No teeth marks whatsoever.

Dressing Mulan


During "Bring honor to us all", they pull a ribbon around Mulan's waist.

At first, when they pull the knot it's in the front but later, we see that the knot is in the back.

The Hug


So at the end of the movie, Mulan and her father share this beautiful, tear-jerking hug.

However, the scene is forever ruined because the flowers on the ground are in a different position than they were, to begin with.



After Mulan is done singing her, let's face it, third-most iconic song, she sits down on the bench and somehow, her lips are dark.

This wouldn't be a problem, except their darker than when she had dark lipstick on.

The Cup Of Tea


In the scene where Mulan and The Matchmaker are fighting over the cup of tea, Mulan falls backward and whoops! Her scarf falls off.

And yet, we never ever see that scarf again, not even in wide shots.