Grandin Road Just Dropped Their Halloween Line And We Are So Excited

If you're as obsessed with Halloween as I am you may understand why dropping a Halloween-themed decor line in July is not that unheard of. So leave it up to Grandin Road to do just that to get us excited for October in July. Ha, ha, ha!

But seriously if you check out their awesome Halloween line, you'll know what I mean.

I'm so happy I've stumbled upon Grandin Road because I really need to up my game when it comes to Halloween decor.

Grandin Road

Forget the dollar store, bring on luxury.

Grandin Road's line includes deluxe crystal balls, interactive skeletons, and even broomstick kitchenware.

Grandin Road

So whatever your heart desires, you should be able to find there and that makes me happy.

Check out this spooky Deluxe Celestial Crystal Ball which glass ball operates like a plasma globe where its "lightning" follows a finger as it moves along the surface.

Grandin Road

So cool!

Create the scariest outdoor atmosphere with this life-size animated dark night dragon creature.

Grandin Road

He's motion-activated to turn his head side-to-side and flap his wings while he roars with glowing eyes.

Speaking of haunting atmosphere, how about this pre-lit broomstick pathway you can set up in your backyard to lead the kids into the house?

Grandin Road

Wow, this is truly stunning.

It's all in the eyes.

Grandin Road

No worries if you don't have time to carve out that pumpkin because these incredible pumpkins with the most expressive eyes are here to impress.

Up your game and ditch that tired and old dollar store tombstone for this updated version with melting candles.

Grandin Road

This one has lights, spooky sounds, and vintage appeal. Impressive.

Scare your neighbors with these Window Crasher Ghosts that appear both inside and outside your house.

Grandin Road

Holy Ghost! These puffy pranksters appear as if they're bursting through your window panes.

Why settle for just a plain door wreath when this creepy skull adorned one speaks the perfect language of Halloween.

Grandin Road

I need to get myself one of those ASAP.

Create some truly spooky and haunted vibes inside your house as well with this creepy animated haunted mirror.

Grandin Road

This girl appears when motion sensors are triggered and utters eerie sayings.

No haunted house would be complete without some bone-chilling rodents scurrying everywhere around your lair.

Grandin Road

So add this set of six skeleton mice to your collection right away.

And if you're planning on serving a Halloween-themed dinner why not serve your guests on something more spooky than regular china?

Grandin Road

I'm completely obsessing about these skull plates. I want them!

No party would be complete without you treating your guests to your finest witche's brew in this awesome pumpkin beverage dispenser.

Grandin Road

This is entertaining in full Halloween style.

I think I have found my new favorite online store to shop at.

And I must start saving my money for these amazing Halloween goodies because they're not cheap. Yikes!

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