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Burger King is Selling $1 Hard Shell Tacos And All Other Fast Food Is Cancelled

Fast food competition is a real dog-eat-dog world (it's just a saying please don't eat dogs none of these places have dogs to eat don't cancel me please I can't afford an internet scandal I have too much to lose).

The point is, people aren't looking for quality when they get fast food so much as they're searching for convenience and a good deal. If you can get me my burger and fries fast without denting my wallet, I'm there.

Still, certain fast food products tend to sell better than others — just look at Taco Bell. They've kind of got a monopoly on fast food tacos, so much so that we buy them in whatever quality they're presented to us in.

If we're being real though, Taco Bell isn't the cheapest anymore.

Sure there's that a la carte menu still around, but the better the taco, the more expensive it'll be, with the average menu item being more than $5.

I want to go back to my fast food taco roots honey. I want greasy, mediocre-tasting, cat-food textured bundles of "meat" so Americanized that it's embarrassing to even call them tacos. What can I say? I'm a girl who knows what she wants.

Get ready folks, cause Burger King just answered the call.

Instagram | @mnmtwinz

Burger King locations across the country will now be selling classic hard shell tacos for, wait for it—$1. That is the America I know and love.

And by the looks of them, they're...um...exactly what I asked for?

Customers are already commenting on how terrifying they look.

Instagram | @lincinandcharlotte

I mean yeah, the taco meat does look a little bit like forest moss, but how can we complain when they're a buck? I love me some experimental lab tacos that sort of look like they're alive.

On a positive note, at least one of us will have our super hero origin story start this way.

The $1 hard shell tacos that are $1 are available for $1 now—when you pay $1.

You're telling me that $1 isn't a good deal? In this economy? Let's get off our pedestals America. These are the $1 tacos we deserve: nothing more, nothing less.

h/t: Thrilllist