Women Booted From Burger King For Telling Man ‘Go Back To Mexico’ In Viral Vid

Fast food restaurants tend to reveal the strangest and ugliest sides of humanity.

It's nothing against the institutions personally, I just think that when conversing spots are easy to access and food is fried and cheap, America's focus groups come out to play—which isn't always a good thing.

Some of us are perfectly capable of eating a burger among other humans; others, however, have certain biases and prejudices that not only shape the way they interact with people, but seemingly need to be vocalized at every free moment.

Think of Burger King as like a little version of America.

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A microcosm, if you will. Everyone is different, and everyone will have orders that reflect their preferences. Some people like booths, others like the tables and chairs.

Also, there are some racists.

One woman recently witnessed an unfortunate altercation in a Florida Burger King.

Facebook | Neyzha Nicole

Neyzha Borrero was eating her dinner when she noticed that two elderly ladies were yelling at the store manager.

At first, it seemed as though there was maybe an issue with their food, but when she listened in closer, she realized that their complaint was much ruder.

They had heard the manager speaking Spanish to his employee, and they told him he should not speak 'Mexican' in public.

Facebook | Neyzha Nicole

"Go back to your Mexican country," one woman can be heard saying, as the manager, Ricardo Castillo, tries to explain that he is actually from Puerto Rico.

"This is America. Our main language is English. Speak your Mexican at home."

Facebook | Neyzha Nicole

"Go back to Mexico if you want to keep speaking Spanish," the women continued.

Finally, Castillo had enough, and calmly asked the women to exit the store.

The women can be heard arguing with Castillo as he asks them to leave.

Facebook | Neyzha Nicole

"Guess what, ma’am," Castillo responds, "I’m not Mexican, but you are being very prejudiced. I want you out of my restaurant right now."

"You are very ignorant and very disrespectful."

Facebook | Neyzha Nicole

The women told Castillo that they would leave after they finished their meal, but Castillo wasn't having any of it.

"Have a great day and get out of my restaurant."

Throughout the altercation, Borrero was filming on her phone.

Facebook | Neyzha Nicole

She then posted the video to Facebook, expressing her outrage in the caption:

"This just happened right in front of me!!!! I had to record!!!" she writes, "Puerto Rican Manager at Burger King gets discriminated only because he spoke to his employee in Spanish in front of them."

See the entire conversation for yourself.

Unfortunately, Americans getting told to 'go back home' because of their race or cultural heritage is a commonplace occurrence, though it is nice to know that the average citizen is willing to film these kinds of altercations in order to shed light on the issue.

Just last week, a Latina woman filmed herself at a grocery store being harassed by a white woman behind her in the checkout line.

Facebook | Johanny Santana

Puerto Rican-born Johanny Santana told NBC Philadelphia she was helping a young Spanish speaking boy converse with the grocery clerk when the white woman began accosting her for not speaking English.

During their altercation, the white woman calls Santana the Spanish word meaning "b****".

Facebook | Johanny Santana

Shocked, Santana tells her not to say that word because it's "no good", but the woman only repeats herself.

Just a few moments later, she tells Santana tat she doesn't belong in America because she "came here illegally," adding, "I hope Trump deports you."

Watch the full video of the interaction below.

At the end of their exchange, the white woman waves a dollar bill in Santana's face.

"I'm paying cash with legal money, not drug money," she says, prompting a fed-up Santana to head for the door while she calls out after her, "Have a nice day."

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